Melatonin Supplement Reviews

Melatonin Supplement Reviews



Melatonin is supplied in the form of tablets, 10 tablets in a blister pack.

The medicine’s active ingredient melatonin is a naturally occurring substance that influences a lot of processes in our organisms. Light is what makes the organism produce melatonin (which is a hormone derived from serotonin).

Melatonin Supplement Reviews
Melatonin is usually used as a dietary supplement that regulates sleep and has antioxidant effect. It regulates sleep and wake cycles and such sleep disturbances as insomnia. It is also used to treat seasonal affective disorder, to control sleep for those people who work night shifts. Melatonin also makes immune system stronger and slows down the aging process.
Before taking the tablets talk to your doctor and follow his instructions exactly. Avoid taking large doses if your doctor hasn’t prescribed them to you. Let the doctor know if you have allergy to any medicines, if you are taking any other medicines or supplements, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. This supplement should be taken by mouth and with a glass of water. It is not recommended to use it for children. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember.


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