Lose the menopause belly fat – fill up on green tea

catechins in green tea

A number of weight loss supplements now contain green tea extract. The science behind this is not quite as fuzzy as it may seem at first glance.

A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition found that people who exercised and drank 4 cups of green tea everyday for 12 weeks lost 8 times more fat fromtheir tummies as those who drank a plain caffeinated drink.

Tea contains caffeine. By making sure that both groups drank caffeine, it rules out the possibility that caffeine was the cause of the fat loss. It is possible that substances called catechins in green tea may speed up the breakdown of fat.


Tea is not one of my favourite drinks. Recently, I’ve been trying to have at least 1 cup of tea first thing in the morning. the thought of sloshing down 4 cups of tea everyday does not appeal!

Considering that green tea is good for your skin and helps fight cancer, I may just have to find a way to make it part of my everyday routine. I wonder, if I could only manage 2 cups a day, would I get half the benefits?

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