Morning-after Pill (emergency contraceptives)

Some people wake up in the morning and realize that the night was a great fun… So great that they even forgot about a condom or other contraceptives. Nobody is against children but sometimes pleasure is not the same as little kids and all this staff. There is a decision even in such extreme situations. Medicine proposes so-called “morning-after pills” which help to prevent the unplanned pregnancy without serious side effects for a woman.
Emergency contraception
Emergency contraception is a nice variant for occasional use when primary means of contraception were not successful. The formulation of morning-after pills includes progestin’s, oestrogens in higher doses to avert pregnancy. The emergency contraceptives can be of different types. The method based on progestin contains the dose of 1,5 mg. progestin levonorgestrel. Women can take one dose and another in 12 hours after it or two doses at once. This emergency contraceptive is called Plan B in Canada, Honduras and the US, Levonelle in Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, Italy, Australia, Portugal, Postinor-2 in Taiwan, Israel, France, etc.
Emergency contraception is very effective, especially if a woman takes it within twelve hours of intercourse. The World Health Organization determined the limit of 72 hours according to the studies. But some doctors say that this medicine has a positive effect if a patient takes it between 72 and 120 hours after coitus.
Plan B is the one-step emergency contraception pill, the work of which is based on a high, short burst of synthetic hormones. This medicine affects the ovaries and the development of the uterine lining. So the result of taking it is the pregnancy prevention. The way how hormones prevent pregnancy is depended on the period of a woman’s menstrual cycle. In one case it prevents ovulation that is when the egg leaves the ovary and moves into the fallopian tube. Another time it blocks the hormones that are necessary for the egg to be able to fertilization. It may exert influence upon the uterus and alter sperm transport that prevents sperm from meeting the egg and fertilizing it.
As other medicines emergency contraceptives have side effects such as nausea. For vomiting and nausea estrogen is responsible that is one of the main components of these pills. Some women notice fatigue, abdominal pain, dizziness, headache, breast tenderness after taking morning-after pills. If a woman takes emergency contraceptives very often it may cause temporary disruption of the menstrual cycle. It even results into missed periods because the dose of hormones is very high, so the hormone balance gets broken.

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