The natural method of the treatment of Myositis


The headache may be different: pulsating, above the eyebrows, on the back of the head, covering the entire head or its part only … If you feel something like that, do not rush to take medicine. It is better to consult a physician as the myositis may be the cause of such pain.

Myositis is the damage of the muscle fibers; often it has chronicity and leads to the formation of the solid-state nodules internally a muscle. And in the simplest terms, the myositis is the inflammation of the voluntary muscles.

There are acute and chronic myositis, septic and apyetous, occupational and catarrhal. The myositis affects the mass muscles of back, neck and shoulders very often, and the buttocks sometimes. However, the cervical myositis is the most dangerous.

The Symptoms of the Cervical Myositis:

• Earaches.
• Pain in the temples.
• Pain in the area of forehead.
• Pain in the neck.
• Pain in shoulders.
• The pain occurs in the evening or day-time.

The Myositis’s Causes:

– hypothermia,
– long-term abnormal body position,
– injuries,
– rheumatism,
– infectious diseases (influenza, sore throat),
– diseases of the back bone (degenerative disc disease, scoliosis),
– diseases of the joints (arthritis, arthroses),
– swelling of the muscles,
– redness,
– fever heat.

Why is the myositis dangerous in general and the cervical myositis in particular?

The most unpleasant symptom of the myositis is a very severe pain and muscle tension. Prevalence rate in the indurated muscles is increasing not only when in motion but at rest, at night and with a change of weather. Usually pain runs its course in a few days in the mild cases, but there may be the rapid exacerbations of the disease under the influence of such unfavorable factors as cooling or hypernormal exercise stress.

The Myositis. How to treat

Of course, as with any other disease, it is not recommended to carry over the treatment of the myositis. The sooner it starts, the faster your health will be repaired. For example, the myositis’s pain syndrome can be negated fully for 1-5 acupuncture’s sessions in the case of the acute situation (up to 5-7 days old). The treatment may take one to two sessions (by 10-12 sessions each) in the cases when the process takes more than a month.

The other one of the most effective treatments of the myositis is the decoctions from the special medical herbs’ practice.

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