Nervz-G.Quick pain relief (30-50 min)



There are nociceptive and neuropathic pains. The nociceptive pain is the pain due to the exposure of some factor (mechanical trauma, burns, dolor, etc.) on the peripheral pain receptors.

The neuropathic pain is the pain, associated with organic lesion or dysfunction of the different parts of the nervous system. The causes of the neuropathic pain may be damage of the nervous system at any level, from the peripheral nerves to the cerebral cortex.

Usually in neurology, the term “neuropathic” or “neurotic” indicates a lesion of the peripheral nerve.

In this regard, it may be a misconception that the neuropathic pain is, when there is the peripheral neuropathy or polyneuropathy.  It should be emphasized again that the term “neuropathic pain” highlights a pain syndrome that occurs when there is dysfunction of the peripheral or the central nervous system



Nervz-G. What is the Preparation?


If it is necessary to take several medicinal products rolled into one, the patients violate discipline often. The missed doses may be the consequence. The medication Nervz-G is the optimal combination of the active ingredients methylcobalamin 500 mcg (a specific form of vitamin B12) and gabapentin 300 mg.

The clinical studies have proven that this combination offers the possibility to negate a pain syndrome quicker and efficiently (it negates both: the nociceptive and neuropathic pains)


Nervz-G. The Therapeutic Indications

The pain syndrome as the consequence of the non-rheumatismal biology’s fires (as the consequence of trauma, operative and stomatological measures, gynecological diseases: primary tuberculosis, salpingo-oophoritis, inflammatory diseases of ENT-sphere: pharyngitis, tonsillitis, otitis media);

The inflammatory and the degenerative diseases of joints and spine (chronic arthritis, rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis, Strumpell-Marie disease, osteoarthritis);

The neuritis and neuralgia (cervical syndrome, lumbago, sciatica);

The acute gouty arthritis;

The rheumatic soft tissue involvement.

Nervz-G. The interesting facts about the Preparation
Initially Nervz-G was used to treat the rheumatic diseases primarily, where both components are important: a pronounced anti-inflammatory and a powerful analgesic effect, but then a domain of Nervz-G usage has developed greatly.

To date Nervz-G is used in surgery, traumatology and sports medicine (in the case of the musculoskeletal system’s damage, damage of the soft tissues (injuries, sprains)), for postsurgical pain management, in neurology (for the treatment of back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine).


Nervz-G. The Preparation’s Efficacy and Safety

Nervz-G has the optimum combination of analgesic and an anti-inflammatory effect as well as the med has high tolerability. Therefore, if there are no contraindications, the medication can be taken for a long time. The clinical studies have confirmed that treatment with Nervz-G in high doses in the case of long-term use (up to 8 months or more) is high tolerated by the patients.

The preparation’s efficacy and safety have been proved by more than 200 clinical controlled trials. The results of these studies are corroborated by many years of experience of use in the clinical practice.

Nervz-G. The Benefits of the Preparation

      Proven anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity;

      Quick pain relief (30-50 min);

      Prolonged effect;

      Comfortable administration;

      High level of safety;

      High tolerability;

      Guaranteed quality of the original drug.

Nervz-G. The Feedbacks

I had a very strong headache for several months. I visited neurologist, he said that my neck was the cause of the pain. He prescribed Nervz-G. I forgot of headache))

Mary, 56 y.


Very often, at the wrong time, my intercostal neuralgia recrudesces. In such cases, it becomes impossible to move and one of the ways to deal with the exacerbation is Nervz-G.

I like this medicine, because it combines vitamins and gabapentin. Who is familiar with this disease, he knows that treatment should be immediate. This med works quickly. More than that, it is ease that the med is in tabloid form, as the injections do not always ease of use. In addition, Nervz-G helps in the case of headache, toothache, and with spine’s diseases. I was prescribed this drug by therapist and now I always make sure that I have Nervz-G at home.

Bob, 39 y.


I was taking Nervz-G during 1 month. I am satisfied with this med – it really helped me.

Justin, 44 y.

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