Nonculture tests can detect Chlamydia antigens

detect Chlamydia antigens



Cell cultures are the gold standard as specificity approaches 100%. This is essential for medical—legal situations.

Nonculture tests can detect Chlamydia antigens with 97% to 99% specificity.

Direct fluorescent antibody (Micro Trak)

Enzyme immunoassay (Chlamydiazyme)

Nucleic acid hydridization (deoxyribonucleic acid [DNA] probes)


Gold standard of the future

Sensitivity greater than 95%, specificity near 100%

Male and female urine

Female endocervix

Swabs: 90% to 100% sensyvity,specifity approaches 100%

Urine: 95% sensitivity


Disadvantages of cell culture.


Technically difficult

Requires 3 to 7 days to obtain result

Special transport media and storage temperatures required

Serology is rarely useful in clinical settings for genital tract infections.

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