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It seems that the issue of prevention unwanted pregnancy was concerned and would always care about women. That’s why people were looking and still looking for a variety of methods, techniques and products used for contraception. Earlier methods that prevent pregnancy were sufficiently harmful to women’s health, and though it’s really true, it is on their base branch of medicine that specializes in finding contraception began to develop.


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Today the choice of contraceptives is really great. Every woman has the opportunity to choose from a variety of contraceptives: pills, intrauterine devices, condoms and oral contraceptives. But the most popular and not harmful for women’s health is an oral contraceptive.

Only the doctor-gynecologist may prescribe an adequate method of contraception, especially considering the body of his patient.

Oral contraceptive drugs can help normalize the menstrual cycle, improve the color and texture of the skin and to please a number of other pleasant things. In addition, women taking contraceptives, significantly reduces the risk of diseases such as cancer, inflammation of the female genital organs, and the occurrence of future ectopic pregnancy.

The peculiarity of this method of contraception is the regularity of the pills that is to miss or forget about taking oral contraceptives is not possible, because so their effectiveness is significantly reduced. But do not worry about it. If you put a package in a conspicuous place, you will always know that it’s time to take the pills.

If you follow all the instructions on the packaging, it is almost impossible to conceive. The scientists who are engaged in similar studies have shown that out of 10 000 women who took oral contraceptives, became pregnant, only one. And even if an incident occurs – a woman, for whatever reason did not take the pill, the chance of getting pregnant 1 in 100. But remember to drink a tablet may be no more than 3 times in a row, otherwise the whole course losing its accuracy!

Oral contraceptives acts follows: artificial hormones act on the female body in such a way that suppresses ovulation. After that, the egg is not capable of fully mature and, therefore, pregnancy is impossible.

Today’s prerogative among oral contraceptives belongs to Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel.

Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel (50 mg of Ethinyl Estradol and 0.5 mg of Norestrel) – a combination of estrogen and progesterone, which helps treat a variety of hormonal disorders. Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel can be used to postpone menstruation and treatment enodmestrioza, dysmenorrhea (pain during menstruation), urethral bleeding and other menstrual disorders.

Ovral G – generic name: norgestrel / ethinyl estradiol

Rules of Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel admission:

It should be taken daily from 1 to 4 tablets, depending on the treatment goals. It can be applied with or without food. Follow your doctor, even if they are contrary to the instructions provided.


If you suspect that you have made an overdose, then seek medical help. Among the missed dose overdose symptoms may include: Nausea Vomiting sudden vaginal bleeding if you miss a dose, take medication if you remember. If the short time remains before the next dose, it is better to skip this dose.

Remarks: Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel should be applied regularly. Do not use it together with other similar means.


Store at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius in a dry and dark place. Keep away from children!

Important Notice: This information does not replace a medical examination or doctor’s decision. Not necessarily, that taking this drug will be effective for you. You should consult your doctor.


Frequently Asked Questions – How does Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel?

The components of Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel affect the hormones responsible for the implementation of the menstrual cycle. They regulate the terms of menstruation and restore the balance.

Is it safe to use Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel for pregnant women and nursing mothers?

It is unknown that Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel could harm the fetus during pregnancy and newborn baby. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, you should still consult a doctor to find out about the possible risks to you.

Protect me Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel of sexually transmitted infections?

Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel does not protect against diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Use the tools of protection.

Can I prevent pregnancy, taking Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel?

Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel primarily restores hormonal conditions and can be used to prevent pregnancy.


What is the recommended dose of Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel?

The recommended dose of Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel is 1 tablet per day, starting with a 20 day menstrual cycle. The recommended dose of Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel for the treatment of enomestioza is 1 tablet a day for 6-12 months. The dose may be increased to 2-3 tablets a day. The recommended dose in case of bleeding the urethra is one tablet a day for 20-21 days, starting with the 5 day cycle. If the bleeding stops, dosing can be increased to 2-3 tablets a day. In some cases the dose may be increased to 2-4 tablets a day until the end of the cycle. Then it must be reduced to 1-2 tablets a day. The recommended dose for the treatment of dismonorei one tablet a day, starting with a 5 day cycle. Treatment should continue for 20-21 days, and then interrupted for 7-8 days. For the second cycle, 1 tablet per day, starting at 8 or 9 days. To prevent stomach disorder you should take the drug after meals.


Before using this medication, tell your doctor if you experience: any form of allergy Hypertension, Abnomalnye Pain, Liver problems or current pregnancy, Alleged Recent surgery, prolonged immobility, yellowing of the skin, Vaginal bleeding, Depression Kidney Problems with the thyroid drug, which has as part of the female hormones can be combined with smoking to increase risk of stroke, heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Tell your doctor if you are a nursing mother. If you have recently given birth or within the last 3 months have an abortion, tell your doctor. Tell your doctor if you are using other medications, vitamins and supplements. Do not increase or lower the amount of not talking to your doctor. Thus, according to professors, composition and a unique mode of drug administration Ethinyl Estradiol Norgestrel can be used not only as a medium of contraception, but also for long-term use in most healthy women until the late reproductive age.

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