Ovral G



Ovral G is used for the treatment of endometriosis and the postponement of menses; dysfunctional uterine bleeding, including the acute episodes emergency treatment, dysmenorrhea, and menstrual irregularities.

Ovral G


It’s a drug, the components of which affect some kinds of hormones. These hormones are responsible for the menstrual cycle regulation. Therefore it regulates any re-established hormonal imbalance and abnormal menstrual conditions. It’s also used as hormonal birth control.


Ovral G should be taken orally and every day. A particular dosage is usually recommended and it depends on the patient’s condition, but as a rule it ranges from one up to four tablets daily for about six-twelve months. Generally, one tablet is enough but in the case of bleeding the dosage may be increased up to two-three tablets. It may be taken with or without food. However, the patient should always remember that even if she takes a minimal dose it’s necessary to obey the doctor’s instructions.


Sometimes Ovral G is prescribed as a medicine used for the treatment of any menstrual irregularities, dysmenorrheal in particular. A woman should take one pill daily beginning from the fifth day of her cycle. The treatment period is approximately 20-21 days. After that it is necessary to stop for seven and up to eight days. Usually the withdrawal bleeding occurs three days after you stop taking Ovral G. For your second cycle or any other subsequent cycles a patient has to take one pill beginning from the eighth or ninth day of her cycle.


It is strongly recommended to take the medicine at about the same time every day, preferably after the evening meal or just before bedtime.


If you think that you’ve taken too much of this drug, you should immediately contact the emergency medical services. The most common symptoms of overdosing are nausea, unusual or sudden vaginal bleeding, vomiting.


If you occasionally miss the Ovral G dose it is importantly to use it as soon as possibly. In a case when it is too close to the next scheduled dose, you should skip the missed one and after that continue the regular scheme. It would be better to contact the doctor and follow his/her instructions.

While taking Ovral G you shouldn’t miss medical appointments, all complete medical exams and regular laboratory tests.


Ovral G belongs to the so called pregnancy category, so it is impossible to take it during pregnancy because it is really harmful to an unborn baby. A woman should stop taking this medicine if she’s pregnant or thinks that she may be pregnant. Before using Ovral G consult your doctor if within the previous three months you have had abortion or suffered a miscarriage. This birth control drug contains oestrogen so under the conditions mentioned above you can’t take it. The doctor will advise another reliable form of birth control.


Note that if you are breast feeding you should not take Ovral G as well, because it passes into breast milk.


Finally it’s necessary to mention that Ovral G’s the best and the most favored drug among women all over the world.

Nevertheless it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor in order to get the required dosage.


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