Why can not I get pregnant?The ovulation induction medications

The Ovulation Induction
Sometimes, a woman can not get become pregnant, because of the anovulation. In this case, a physician prescribes the ovulation induction. It means that use of this method leads to normal ovaries’ function, and then about 60-75% of women go to mothers of the dear kids.

The ovulation induction

The DX for the ovulation induction:
• Healthy, but “young” eggs.
• Irregular ovulation.
• Sclerocystic disease of the ovary.
• Excess body weight body weight (or vice versa – leanness).

Stimulation is done using hormonal drugs (ovulation medicines). At that, a woman’s age, general well-being and other gynecological problems are taken into consideration. Since the drugs medical maintenance makes start, a physician examines maturation of ovum by dint of ultrasound investigation.
Here it has a sense to underline that the ovulation induction is a complex system of the ovaries’ manipulation, using special medications. These medications activate the ovaries’ function that leads to the maturation of not one ovum, as in the case of the natural menstrual cycle, but to the maturation of several ova.

Who are the Candidates for the Ovulation Induction?
If the question “Why can not I get pregnant?” is of current interest for you – you should take a medical examination. The procedure would help to determine the cause of infertility.

A physician prescribes the ovulation induction medications in the cases, when:
– a couple is trying to conceive unsuccessfully for over a year;
– a couple older than 35-40 years can not become pregnant within 6 months.
If you are going to take the ovulation medicine, be sure to take the uterine tubes patency’s medical examination. The procedure permits to avoid an ectopic pregnancy.

The ovulation induction medications
One follicle grows up in the ovary of a healthy woman of the reproductive age during one menstrual cycle. There is ovulation and outgo of the egg from the follicle into the abdominal cavity in the middle of the menstrual cycle. In the case, if a woman has broken process of the follicle’s growth up and ovulation, the ovulation induction has to be done. Therefore, the ovulation induction medications – the ovulation inducers are prescribed.

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