The most popular drug, used to stimulate ovulation, is CLOMID


Every woman wants to have healthy children. But what can she do if the so desired conception does not come? In this case, you need the professional help. The fact of the most common causes of female infertility is the complete absence of ovulation. If the cause is such kind, then you will be assigned to have a stimulation of ovulation.

And here is the main question – “What drugs can stimulate the ovulation?” This method is usually based on the usage of hormonal drugs. They are appointed by the patient to stimulate the development of one or more mature eggs, which give the possibility of pregnancy. The most popular drug, used to stimulate ovulation, is CLOMID.

During the course of ovulation’s stimulation every woman should always take an ultrasound. Only with the help of ultrasound monitoring you can not only monitor and track the maturation of the follicle, but also, if it is necessary, a doctor can make some changes to the treatment regimen. Ultrasound should be taken two – three times for the entire course of treatment. As soon as one of the follicles reaches seventeen millimeters in diameter, you will be assigned CLOMIPHENE. This medicine helps to final maturation of follicles and cause ovulation. During this period of ovulation woman becomes a mother without any problems.

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