Pepfiz – the best solution to treat flatulence

Pepfiz. What is the Preparation?

There are many high effective medicinal products, including enzyme preparations in the range of the domestic gastroenterologists. However, the preparation Pepfiz (Ranbaxy, India) is characterized by its versatility in the treatment of a variety of the diseases. Such versatility is achieved by extremely successful combination of the active ingredients.

Pepfiz is a complex of the plant enzymes and simethicone that neutralize the symptoms of dyspepsia, gassing and digestion quickly and effectively.

Pepfiz- to treat flatulence


The effervescent tablet dissolves in water quickly, at that sodium citrate and potassium citrate are escaped, which neutralize hydrochloric acid in the stomach, thereby reducing the disease’s symptoms, associated with excessive acidity. The rapid development of the antacid effect protects the digestive enzymes from the gastric acid’s influence.


Pepfiz. The Therapeutic Indications

–      Dyspepsia and flatulence, caused by the gastrointestinal tract’s diseases and non natural food, overeating, alcohol, coffee, nicotine.

–      Preparing for the abdominal cavity organs’ ultrasound investigation


Pepfiz. The Preparation’s Presentation as One of its Main Advantages

The preparation’s presentation is the tablets. These tablets on dissolving in water have a nice drink of orange flavor. This is the first enzyme preparation which is taken in the liquid state. Hence, there is ease of use for children and for patients with dysphagia of the solid-state ingredients as well as for spinal and other patients, who have to be in bed for a long time (often such patients need the enzyme preparations, because of the flatulence in the setting of the intestinal hypo-motility).

Finally, the medication’s liquid form makes it easy to intake the med through enteral feeding tube to the patients who are in critical condition or on enteral feeding (e.g., in the case of acute pancreatitis). More then that, the liquid form provides the med’s action speed that takes place almost immediately.


Pepfiz. The Benefits of the Preparation

  • The med resolves heaviness in abdomen and flatulence quickly and effectively.
  • The med promotes a natural body’s clearance of the toxins.
  • The med does not promote lipid digestion.
  • The med does not contain sugar.


Pepfiz. The advantages of Pepfiz over the Animal enzyme-based Drugs

–          There are the plant enzymes of high purity;

–          Complex structure that normalizes digestion;

–          The med has an effect on over much of the entire gastrointestinal tract (in a wide range of pH values​​) than the animal enzymes;

–          Pepfiz as opposed to the animal enzymes does not spur such side effects as the uric acid’s metabolic imbalance (gout, kidney stones);

–          The med does not induce weight gain (no lipase);

–           The med can be used by the patients who (for some reason or other) can not take
the animal enzymes.

Pepfiz. The Preparation’s Strength and Efficiency

The patients say about the medication’s high perceptible properties and its effect quickness (almost immediately after administration), that is due to its good solubility.

Thus, Pepfiz is the effective and strength solution for the reversal of the symptoms of the foodborne and digestive flatulence. The medication quickly cuts short the unpleasant subjective sensations of the increased gas formation in the intestinal canal as well as it does not spur side effects and is well tolerated by the patients.

The preparation’s efficiency, quickness of the symptoms’ reversal, high tolerability, convenient and enjoyable form make possible to recommend Pepfiz to treat the persons suffering from the flatulence.

Pepfiz. The Recommendations for Administration

The medication has to be taken per os 1-2 tablets 2-3 times daily during or after meals, previously dissolved in 130 ml of water.

In the case of preparation for the abdominal cavity organs’ ultrasound investigation, the med has to be taken per 1-2 tablets in the morning and in the evening for 1-2 days the day before investigation.


Pepfiz. The Feedbacks

Pepfiz really helps! I gave this med my eldest daughter, and now the drug saves from flatulence my younger daughter.

Joanna, 36 y.


Unfortunately, a colicky pain-problem has not passed and my baby. The colicky pains broke out substantially immediately after birth. My baby was crying very, very much!

And nothing could calm him down. We tried many solutions: dill water, fennel, and special teas for treating colicky pains, absorbent carbon. But nothing helped. Until one day I came across the positive Internet-review of one of the moms about the med Pepfiz.

After taking this med my baby almost calmed down substantially immediately, so we got rid of the colic pains)))

Cathy, 29 y.


I am 27 weeks pregnant. I am suffering from abdominal distention all the time. Only Pepfiz saves me! Pepfiz helps me in 20 minutes after administration. I am pleased with this med))

Monica, 31 y.

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