Periactin appetite stimulant


When all the folks around seem to be extremely anxious about losing weight, dieting and going to gyms only to become a little bit thinner, gaining weight may become a serious problem. A whole variety of different medications will help you to lose a couple of kilograms every week or every month, but it is not so easy to find a suitable medication to gain weight if you have a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa or suchlike medical conditions.

Periactin appetite stimulant is a rather versatile drug: it can be used to gain weight if you suffer from its shortage due to anorexia, but it can also be taken as a regular antihistamine to treat allergies and prevent the organism’s allergic reactions to various irritators. Moreover, it has some antidepressant properties and may cause hormone growth in the body, i.e. it may help you to overcome widespread sleeping problems. The advantages of taking Periactin medication instead of other similar antihistamines are thus very obvious. Cyproheptadine 4mg may also be used for some other purposes not listed in the professional package inserts, but these topics should be discussed with your doctor or health care provider. They will also explain you the difficulties in the instruction text if there appear any.

Pharmacologically, Periactin belongs to the group of preparations called antihistamines. Their main function is to reduce the heightened levels of histamine in body tissues since the very substance causes allergic reactions. Antihistamines prevent all known allergic symptoms like swelling of the nose or eyes, closing of the throat, itching of the skin, hives, and sneezing. Using histamines daily according to the instructions in the package prevent all these unpleasant symptoms and help to lead a comfortable life.

Even though Periactin may be listed in some web drugstores along with such antiallergic preparations as Zyrtec, Clarinex, or Tavist, it is in fact a versatile multifunctional medication that can treat not only allergies, but a number of other medical conditions as well. To many patients using Periactin migraine has become a mere reminiscence, and many other patients stopped suffering from anorexia and developed a steady and healthy appetite. This medication is truly effective in enlarging the regular food intake, and for numerous people taking Periactin weight gain has turned from a distant dream into a reality along with the victory over anorexia nervosa.

As for contra-indications of Periactin, it is recommended that you discuss them with your doctor or health care provider. It is fairly pleasant that the side-effects of this medication are almost always minor and insignificant. However, you should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while you are taking Periactin 4mg because alcohol may increase dizziness or weakness, or cause other strong sedative effects. It is undesirable that you take this antihistamine medication with sedative drugs or antidepressants since Periactin can double their effect upon the organism and lead to severe sleepiness. Nonetheless, this feature of the medication is still very helpful: you can use Periactin without prescription to treat not only allergies and anorexia nervosa, but also all possible problems with sleep.

The best way possible to get the chosen medication quickly and conveniently is to buy Periactin online with the help of a drugstore website. With its few contra-indications and very mild side-effects, this powerful medication can be used for various purposes: treating allergies and migraine, promoting gain weight, and curing insomnia.

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