Pills for women arousal


It may be said without exaggeration that Pink Female Viagra is the medicine №1 among FSAD medicines. Female Viagra is ideal for those women, who have sexual arousal disorder, and those women, who are dreaming to get more pleasure from sex! This product has been prepared with a glance to all the woman’s constitutional peculiarities.

The drug’s effect is complex, i.e., Pink Female Viagra increases woman’s sexual desire and arousal; in addition, it promotes the erogenous zones’ sensitivity.


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  1. Mahilda | Reply

    I would like to leave feedback about Pink Viagra for Women. I got married, when I was

    years old. A year later, I delivered twins; there ware many cares. As the result, I responded to husband’s petting very “low”. I can not say that I was shy of sexual intercourse, but I wished to have claps and his arms much more than sex. Well, sex did not give the departed joy.
    We tried different lubricants, sexual underclothing and toys. But nothing helped. I thought I was frigid. Well, my husband also had the hump.
    A miracle happened, after my friend advised Pink Viagra for Women. Our sex became fantastic – all feelings became sharp and new and I could have orgasm from the fact that my beloved touched breasts.

  2. Clementina | Reply

    I want to share my experience. Usually my husband orders excitant pills online. So, I asked to buy a family pack – Pink Viagra for Women comes with Viagra for men.
    We took these pills together in about

    minutes before planned sexual intimacy. In

    minutes I could feel the blood rush to my private parts, breast “poured” and face turned a deep crimson hue. Touch to the nipples and labia caused a very unusual feeling. Orgasm came quickly and easily.
    As it turned out, it was not the first orgasm; the second orgasm came in seven minutes, then the third … Thanks to female Viagra I got a monthly portion of orgasms at a time.

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