Pleasure hormones – oxytocin

Female Rx Plus Oil Orgasm is a function of both physical and psychological arousal. Female Rx Plus Oil also uses natural ingredients to deal with physical orgasm, the issue of providing pleasure hormones – oxytocin. Sophisticated laboratory studies have shown that this mechanism improves the “strength” and duration of orgasm, just a chance for many to get multiple orgasm. It is important that raising the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine allow feeling a great orgasm.
Using Female Rx Plus Oil women obtain the following benefits:

* Increase the depth and expand the range of emotional experiences during sex.
* Stimulation of the genitals – G-spot and clitoris, the aggravation of sexual sensation during intercourse, the solution of problems: vaginal dryness and soreness.
* Total eroticization thinking, overestimation of sexual opportunities, self-confidence.
* Holistic quality sex – from waking up to an orgasm, the ability to initiate long-term desire. Your partner will appreciate it once, you win together.
Dosing and Administration

It should be taken ten minutes before sexual activity in order to get all natural sexual boost.

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