Pregnancy Hormone and Diet



What is the pregnancy hormone?

The pregnancy hormone, its medial name hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is the hormone that the female body produces during pregnancy. Its task is reduction of blubber (if there is any), and its return to the female body in the form of energy or calories.


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How can the pregnancy hormone help to lose weight?

Although it is believed, that the hormone hCG is intended, vice versa, to cumulate fat pool and nutritional substances during pregnancy to ensure optimal growth and development of a future baby. The experiments have shown that using the hCG diet the body goes into “a fat burning regimen”, i.e. the fats, which have been accumulating at length. Why? Because the nature has conceived, that nevertheless an expectant mother gives a child everything necessary for his development not even getting enough food, i.e. a fetus “takes fats from a mom”.

When using the hCG diet, the body is somewhat under a delusion and believes that there is a pregnancy, trying to provide a so-called fictional fetus with all necessary, including fats, from which we try to get rid of – and here it starts mechanism of the fat deposits combating.

What results and benefits can a woman expect using the hCG diet?

The results of the hCG diet are:

– people do not feel vitality and energy loss, as it usually is while a crash dietary intervention;
– HCG diet gives the body a clear distinction between when it really need to eat, and when a person experiences a so-called “false hunger”;
– a very quick loss of the accumulated excess weight.



a) to get rid of the ugly fat in the problem areas
b) to get rid of the constant esurience
c) to stay slim throughout life
d) to stimulate metabolism
e) to get rid of the cellulite
f) to boost your energy

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What formulation is the hCG diet available to date?

In 1950, the British researcher Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons marked the way between increasing of the hormone HCG levels and decreasing of the body fats. People of name started to use this weight loss secret after it was confirmed by the successful experiments. At that time hCG was available in the form of injections only and the drug was considered to be the expensive thing as it was extracted from the urine of a pregnant women. Now we can find the diet drugs with the hormone HCG presented as the drops, plaster, pulvis and pills.


A woman speaks about her success with hCG diet

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