Relent. What is the Preparation?

Relent is a high-technology medicinal product, used to treat the inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract to dissolve expectoration and to promote its excretion from the bronchial tubes. Also Relent is used to stimulate pulmonary tissue’s forwardness in preterm babies.

Relent. How does it work?

Expectoration is a thing, released in the anatomical airway in the case of the inflammatory diseases (infectious or allergic). The expectoration consists of two components: serous and mucosal. Mucus is a viscous component; it contains proteins and glycoproteins. In the case of some diseases due to the increased activity of the mucous membrane’s glands of the bronchi, the expectoration has mucic character mostly. In this case, the expectoration is difficult to cough up and cough does not give relief.


has proteolytic activity – splits the expectoration’s proteins, contributing to its diffluence;

stimulates the duty of the bronchi’ serous glands that produce more liquid component of the expectoration, “diluting” it;

stimulates the bronchi’ ciliated epithelium: special cilia on the inner surface of the bronchi, which are “trembling” continuously in the direction of mouth and nasal cavity, helping to cleanse the bronchi from the expectoration, containing bacteria and air-particles.

The long-term studies have confirmed Relent’s power to stimulate the formation of a surface-active material. The surface-active material is a special solution of the complex structure that coats the alveoli inside the lungs and prevents the lungs from decay. This characteristic of the medication is used to treat pulmonary disease, so-called distress syndrome in preterm babies.


Relent. What is, when the med gets into a body?

Relent is available in the tabloid form. When the drug substance gets into the gastro-intestinal tract, it is rapidly soaks in blood. The preparation’s effect is about 30 minutes after the med’s administration and lasts for about 6-12 hours.

The med’s excretion from a body is glomerular. So, in the case of the chronic renal failure a washout period increases. A part of the drug can be found in breast milk, but this concentration is so itty-bitty that it has no harm effect on an infant’s body in the case of breast feeding.

Relent. What are the Indications for Administration?

a)      the inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, proceeding with the formation of viscous mucus;

b)      Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease;

c)      winter cough and tracheal bronchitis;

d)     bronchial asthma;

e)      multiple bronchiectasis;

f)       pneumonia;

g)      cystic fibrosis.

Relent. What are the Advantages of the Preparation?

The advantages of Relent are:

1)      pronounced expectorant effect,

2)      volume increase and decrease of the expectoration’s ropiness,

3)      immunomodulatory and anti-oxidant effect,

4)      stimulation of the surfactant’s synthesis.

Another advantage of Relent is its prompt action. The medication takes effect within half an hour after its administration and is continuing its effect for 7-12 hours.

The efficacy and safety of Relent is confirmed by the numerous clinical trials.





Relent. The Recommendations for Administration

The tablets are administrated per os during a meal. Wash the med down with splash of liquid. The children over 12 and the adults should take per 1 tablet (30 mg) 3 times a day for the first 2-3 days, then per 0,5 tablet (15 mg) 3 times a day or per 1 tablet 2 times a day. The children under 12 years old have to take per 0,5 tablets 2-3 times a day.

Relent. The Feedbacks

Relent is the medication that I have been using quite a while. Now I’m curing my child by dint of this medicine. The price of this drug is reasonable. I take Relent, even if a pediatrician prescribes more expensive counterparts.

This med helps my baby and me.

Joana, 31 y.


My oldest child came down with bronchitis. First there was a dry cough and fever, and then cough became dry. A doctor prescribed Relent. We were taking the medication on doctor’s orders. The mends came on the third day of Relent’s administration!)))

Tricia, 38 y.


I was advised Relent at the pharmacy. Awesome! A suffocant cough, because of which I was not sleeping and eating and because of which I suffered for two days, was over per diem! And I could come to work!

David, 24 y.

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