Retin-A – formula of young and healthy skin

Skin is the safe defense-mechanism, indicator of health, and of course, decorator of the investment. Always young beautiful skin makes a conspicuous spontaneous figure and even a bit of envy. The serious enemies of this important part of our body, the weight of which is about 15% of the total weight of a human body are:

–          harsh ultraviolet rays,

–          bad habits (smoking, overeating),

–          skin infections,

–          and, of course, age.

If you are obsessed with acne, the first wrinkles bother you, if you are faced with such unpleasant diseases as contagiosum epitheliale or flat warts, the medication Retin-A goes to your rescue. Ratin-A is the cream that affects the cellular metabolism specifically.

Retin-A. What is the Preparation?

Retin-A, the main ingredient of which is Tretinoin, is one of the most popular solutions at struggle with acne in the modern pharmaceutical market. Enriched with vitamin A, this product retracts the skin stains and cleans the face. The med increases the level of collagen in the skin. It is easy to use.

Retin-A. The Therapeutic Indications


–          pimples, acne,

–          acne vulgaris (including appearance of the pimples, papules, pustules, blackheads drain),

–          follicular keratosis,

–          flat warts,

–          Fordyce granules,

–          senile wrinkles

–          scars,

–          cornual skin settlings,

–          skin cancer (resolves early pre-cancerous changes of the skin),

–          sequelae of sunburns,

–          senile skin pigmentation,

–          treatment and fall of the stretch marks,

–          alopecia treatment.

Retin-A. The Advantages and Benefits
The med Retin-A is effective in the process of acne treatment. Retin-A promotes aging of the skin cells, which cover the oil glands’ canals in the hair bulbs and cause their blockage in the treatment of acne.

Due to this the inflammatory conditions are opted out, and the before pointing acne answer the medical treatment better and leave behind the unpleasant scars and cicatrices. The use of Retin-A prevents appearance of the new acne.

The testimonials suggest that regular use of this medication also allows to “smooth” the skin and to remove the small lines: this is due to the active elimination of the skin cork cells and blood circulation’s improvement.

Retin-A is 100% safe product; it is approved for use by the agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (USFDA).


Retin-A. The Recommendations for Application


The cream Retin-A, the main active ingredient of which is Tretinoin, is designed for the long term use. The Cream should be applied by thin films to the affected skin 1 time a day for 6 hours and then the solution should be removed with flowing waters.

In severe cases, your doctor may recommend apply the cream twice a day. And for prophylactic use it is applied to the skin area, amenable to acne 1 day a week.

The application time can be as little as 30 minutes a day for the patients with very sensitive, thin or fair skin. The duration should be increased after agreement with a specialist. In the treatment of the warts the med’s use starts with the low doses and a minimum time of use.

If you have creamed too much, remove the excess. Do not stop treatment until you undergo a cure, even if you see the dermad improvements.

How much time is required for the effects’ onset?

In the first week of treatment you may see skin state decrement. After some time, its state is improved, but the whole course will take 8 to 12 weeks before you see the first results


Retin-A. The Feedbacks


I use this cream to prevent the first wrinkles and to get rid of the dark patches. I use it for a month already, I apply it every night. The effect is stunning.
I’ve always had a problem skin: the persistent pimples, redness, freckles and dark spots. After 3 days of the daily use the forehead skin has cleared! After 2 weeks, the freckles have become less noticeable. And yesterday a floppy mole on my neck broke away itself!

Amanda, 29 y.


I use Retin-A not for the personal beauty, but because 10 years ago I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous skin state. The dermatologist insisted on regular use of Retin-A for prevention. To date, the disease is not progressing. The truth is that I sit on a powder keg, but the disease is not developing and this fact gives me strength!

Miriam, 45 y.


A few weeks ago I bought cream Retin-A again. I really like how it improves my skin. The effect is marked in a couple of weeks of use.

Some advices on Cream Retin-A, tested for my own expertise:

a) Do peeling. Now my skin is freckled after peeling, this is a minor irritation, associated with skin rejuvenation and is typical for the first two weeks of use

b) Use a sun blocking cream. The skin on the face is very sensitive to the sun. You must be very careful to stay out of the sun when using Retin-A.

c) Do not drop use the cream in the middle. Many women give up the schemes for skin care because they can not weather redness or peeling, because they think it’s not working.

Linda, 33 y.


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The Support Service

The professional staff of our pharmacy is here to help you with the purchases. We will answer all your questions, advice on the specifics of this product and its administration as well as inform about the contraindications.

Our logistics service is ready to deliver Retin-A to any address in any day of the week and on the weekends.

Our pharmacies’ network values ​​its reputation and guarantees the authenticity and quality of Retin-A. Being at the pharmacy market for more than 10 years, we have developed a special strategy, which helps us to do our work effectively and to provide quality service.

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