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Skin is a robust defense mechanism, an indicator of health and, of course, a decorating investment. Young beautiful skin is always a source of sincere admiration and even a bit of envy. The weight of this organ is only 15% o the total weight of the human body, and its enemies are: age, bad habits (smoking, overeating), harsh ultraviolet rays and of course skin infections.


suffering from acne

If you are suffering from acne or the first wrinkles bother you, if you are troubled by such unpleasant disease, like molluscum contagiosum or flat warts the medication Retin A can help you. It is a cream that specially affects the cellular metabolism.


When treating acne, Retin accelerates maturation of skin cells that are covering the sebaceous glands dust in the hair bulb and cause its blockage. Because of this inflammation are eliminated, and only mature acne can be treated better. Besides it they don’t leave any unpleasant scars. Using Retin A prevents the formation of new acne.


Testimonials suggest that regular using of this cream also allows you to “align” the skin and remove minute wrinkles: this is due to active removal of dead cells of the upper layer and the circulation improving.


Patients should take into account that there are some contraindications and possible side effects. So before starting to use Retin it is necessary to consult the specialist. The using of this drug is also prohibited for children under 12 years old, as well as patients after 50 years old, pregnant and lactating women.


Comments on the therapy. After application of the drug it may occur brief feeling of warmth or burning. Until the fifth week of treatment a slight reddening of the skin may appear. In the case of a severe burning it is necessary to increase the interval between the medication application. In the first week of treatment acne can be amplified, it is because of the action of the drug on the deep-seated acne, which haven’t been visible before. The best therapeutic effect is usually achieved in 8-12 weeks. The success of treatment greatly depends on the perseverance to continue therapy.




Acute eczema, rosacea, acute skin inflammation.



–         Do not ingest;

–         Avoid getting Retin-A on the mucous membranes, especially eyes. In case of accidental contact, it is recommended to rinse immediately the eyes by water;

–         To prevent damage to processed areas of skin it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and artificial ultraviolet radiation. This is especially true for those who are working for a long time in the sun because during this kind of treatment the sunlight will cause skin damage. For tanned patients the treatment of Retin-A can be started after the weakening of tanning;

–         As well as other medications, Retin-A should be stored in a place inaccessible to children;

–         It should be avoided in the case of pregnancy



Side effects

The skin of some sensitive patients can be intensely red. Sometimes it swells, blisters, and crusts. If these conditions continue, it is necessary to stop the treatment up to the restoring of the skin integrity, or to reduce the dose.

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