Retropubic space

The retropubic space is developed anterior to the peritoneum and bladder by posteriorly retracting the bladder to expose the retropubic space. The space is filled with loose fatty tissue and is bordered anteriorly by the pubic symphysis and superiorly by the anterior abdominal wall between the two obliterated umbilical arteries. The posterior border is the recto­vesical fascia, which encloses the ureter and blood vessels of the poster­olateral border of the bladder.

The lateral structures include the pubic bone, the obturator internis and levator ani muscles, the obliterated umbi­lical artery, and the obturator nerve. The inferolateral surface of the bladder is the medial border. The floor of the space includes two thick­ened fascial cords that represent the pubovesical ligament. This ligament extends from the neck of the bladder to the inferior border of the pubic symphysis.

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