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geriforte-stop-age Geriforte is the combined preparation containing a large number of the vegetable substances. It is effective anti-aging tonic and erection’s booster; it enhances immunity and has curative and preventive effect for all 52 body’s systems.
Geriforte is sometimes called the “dry Chavanprash” due to similar effects upon the body as to the immune system reinforcement, its health-improving and anti-aging properties, as well as due its formula rich in medicinal plants and herbs.


Geriforte gives you the following advantages:

– rejuvenating action.
– promotes appetite and performance capability,
– distresses, mitigates physical and mental fatigue,
– builds up immune system,
– improves blood circulation,
– normalizes functions of the nerves and endocrine system,
– relieve the drain negative effects,
– excretes and normalizes blood pressure,
– increases quantity hemoglobin in the blood,
– decreases cholesterol in the blood,
– strengthens a heart muscle,
– strengthens hair, nails, teeth,
– increases human tolerance,
– reduces the possibility of heart and apoplectic attacks,
– prevents cold and viral infections.

How to use? To prevent and strengthen the immune system: 1 tablet – 2 times a day. As the adjunct in the case of the chronic diseases: 2 tablets – 2 times a day.

Geriforte is a part of the Indian culture of health – it’s like a symbol of Ayurveda.


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