Review Naltrexone

Review Naltrexone


Naltrexone. What is the medication?


Naltrexone is a powerful blocking-agent of all kinds of the opioid receptors. Naltrexone’s action is based on a strong resemblance to the opiate receptors than the opiate drugs have. Thus, at a time when the medication is in a body, the opiate drugs’ use does not cause euphoria and their use is rendered useless.

Review Naltrexone

What are the results of the treatment with Naltrexone?
1. Long-lasting blocking of the opiates’ action.

2. Depression of desire (compulsion) for the drugs.
3. Physical well-being and mental state improvement.
4. Formation of a patient’s motivation to withdrawal from drugs.
5. Facility to include a patient in the process of rehabilitation


The physical well-being of a patient is improved; the motivation for giving up the drugs is formed and the process of rehabilitation is accelerated.


What else is it worth to know about Naltrexone?


Despite the fact that the effectiveness of the drug is very high, it is very important that a patient himself makes decision on the treatment. The decision has to be based on the own desire of a patient to be free of drug addiction.



Naltrexone . What are the Recommendations for Administration? 


The medication Naltrexone is prescribed for 12-18 months. Experience to have drug free living is formed in a patient during this time as well as the risk of slip is reduced.

Thus, drug addiction treatment with Naltrexone may be as daily capsules’ administration (if possible, under strictly control of the relatives).

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