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Diabetes mellitus is the most common endocrine disorder, is a serious problem for the National Health Services due to the fact of high cost of treatment, high frequency and severity of the complications which are the causes of the early incapacitation, the significant reduction in life expectancy and the serious possibility of fatal cases.

According to the forecasts of FDA, for 2025 year the number of diabetics will exceed 300 millions throughout the entire world, at that more than 90% will be the persons with diabetes mellitus type II.


Nuzide. What is the Preparation?


Nuzide is an antidiabetic drug of Sulfonylurea’s group of the second generation for oral use. The preparation is used to treat diabetes mellitus type II.


 Nuzide is an antidiabetic drug




• decreases blood glucose level;

• stimulates secretion of insulin by the pancreas’s beta cells;

• strengthens insulin-incretory glucose’s effect;

• increases sensitivity of the peripheral tissues to insulin;

• stimulates activity of the intracellular enzymes;

• decreases distance of time between the moment of meal to the insulin release;

• reclaims the early peak of the insulin release (in contrast to other sulfonylurea – glibenclamid, chlorpropamide and others that have an impact, during the second stage of secretion mainly);

• decreases peak of postprandial hyperglycemia;

• improves microcirculation;

• decreases adhesion and aggregation of the platelet count, checks the growth of the mural thrombus’s development;

• normalizes vascular permeability, prevents the development of micro-blood-clotting, restores the process of physiological mural clot dissolution;

• decreases the vessels’ sensitivity to adrenaline;

• has the antiatherogenic claims, decreases the concentration of total cholesterol in blood;

• has the antioxidant claims (recession of level of the lipid peroxides in plasma, growth of activity of the erythrocytic superoxide anion scavenger);

• check the growth of diabetic retinopathy at the non-proliferative stage;

• in the case of diabetic nephropathy against prolonged use of the medicine there is a significant proteinuria depletion;

• does not lead to body weight gain, as has a preferential effect on the early peak of insulin secretion and does not cause hyperinsulinemia;

• promotes weight loss in men of corpulent habit patients, when dietary intervention.


Nuzide. The Therapeutic Indications


Diabetes mellitus type II with lack of effectiveness of diet therapy, physical activity and weight loss.



Nuzide. The Medication’s Advantages


The drug stimulates an early phase of insulin secretion in the case of diabetes mellitus type II. This reduces the distance of time between the moments of meal to the insulin release that prevents postprandial hyperglycemia.

A low incidence of symptoms of hypoglycemia and their no weight gain during chronic administration.

The drug has a positive effect on the blood vessels’ state and blood coagulability. There is of of tremendous value to prevent the diabetic microangiopathy.



Nuzide. The Recommendations for Administration


The drug is for the adults only.

The recommended dose is 1-4 tablets, 30-120 mg; the med has to be taken per os taken orally 1 time a day, at breakfast preferably.

The tablets should be swallowed in one piece without crushing or chewing.
If you forget to take one or more dose of the medication do not take a higher dose during the next administration.

The recommended initial dose of the med is 30 mg per day. The drug at this dose may be used as the maintenance therapy. With an inadequate glycaemic control a daily dose of the drug can be increased up to 60, 90 and 120 mg gradually.

The up-titration may not be earlier than in 1 month of the drug’s therapy, taken in the previously scheduled dose. The exceptions are the patients whose blood glucose’s concentration is not decreased after 2 weeks of therapy. In such cases, the dose of the drug may be increased in 2 weeks after initiation of treatment.

The maximum recommended daily dose of the drug is 120 mg.


Nuzide. The Feedbacks


My mother was suffering from diabetes for many years. She was treated by dint of many medicines. In addition, she was keeping a diet. However, she was gaining in weight. She overweighed very much. Her new endocrinologist advised her Nuzide.

After initiation of Nuzide treatment my mother began to feel much better. Her energy has aroused, she has moved more and she has found that she has lost five pounds. In addition, she found a significant loss of appetite. For half a year she has slimed 19 pounds. Blood sugar has normalized. Sometimes, blood sugar level was even 4.5!

Barbara, 45 y.


The drug has given me really positive results! Thank you for such good medicine!

David, 33 y.


I did not believe that Nuzide would help me. However, in 1 month of treatment the mends have been evident. The medication is just what I wanted!

Ronald, 56 y.

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