Sex pheromones human

human pheromones
Perfumes with human pheromones is a new formula containing sex pheromones human, created to attract the opposite sex. Pheromones send subliminal signals of sexual flavor to opposite sex; these signals contribute to sexual desire, kindle the romantic feelings and increase your attractiveness.

Pheromones are small organic molecules that act as a form of chemical bond between two individuals of the same species. Sex pheromones are the important means of sexual attraction and communication.


Make your life better today! Feel the joy of euphoria and the power of attraction with Pheromone Perfume containing pheromones. Perfume with pheromones is the secret weapon of attraction and fascination in the fight for the opposite sex. And yet, it’s thrilling notes of love and seduction.


In addition to magnetic effect and enhance sexual attractiveness of pheromone, perfume can bring harmony into your life, happiness, heal from depression. It turns out that pheromones, or rather the spirits, containing aromatic or other means, indispensable companions of modern woman.

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