Stress Gum

Stress Gum


Stress Gum

Since the World War I, the U.S. Armed Forces has been supplying their deployed solders with chewing gum as a means to relieve their stress and improve concentration. According to recent studies, chewing gum improves mood in addition to other benefits it provides.

Stress Gum

Stress Gum is specifically developed to boost one’s mood and relieve stress and tension at the same time. Unlike a similar pill, Stress Gum is able to start working much faster because the critical compounds are absorbed right in the mouth and immediately hit the bloodstream.

In addition, Stress Gum offers some mouth hygiene benefits, as it cleanses teeth after meal and helps to prevent tooth decay and gum problems. It also helps to relax and concentrate, freshen breath, and improve digestion without additional calorie intake. Every time you are on a plane, take Stress Gum during take offs and landing to normalize the air pressure in your ears.

It is recommended to chew 2-6 pieces of gum a day. To reach better results some people prefer to chew the gum more often. However, it is not recommended to overuse the gum. You are O.K. if you take up to 6 pieces of gum daily. Do not exceed the recommended dose of up to 6 pieces of gum per day.



Stress Gum is conveniently packed so that you could plan the stock of gum in advance and never run out of it. There are several packs available to choose from. You can buy:

a 1-month supply that includes 5 packages of gum, 12 pieces each;
a 2-months supply that includes 10 packages of gum, 12 pieces each;
a 4-months supply that includes 20 packages of gum, 12 pieces each;
a 6-months supply that includes 30 packages of gum, 12 pieces each.

A single piece of gum has a special blend of 120 mg of various compounds. When you chew the gum, these compounds are immediately absorbed through capillaries in the mouth lining tissue and then get immediately released to the bloodstream. It takes only several seconds for the compound to bypass other supplements that yet have to be adsorbed by the body and start working for your well-being.

The gum includes the following ingredients:

CALCIUM CARBONATE is critical to bone and teeth formation, healthy gums, superior heart functioning and adequate nerve impulse transmission.
ASHWAGANDHA boosts mood and relaxes.
PASSION FLOWER is widely used in cosmetics and herbal dietary supplements as a natural relaxant that helps to deal with insomnia, anxiety, tension, nervous stomach and indigestion. This herb is non-addictive and safe.
JUJUBE FRUITS is a well known stress relieving herb used around the world. Besides, the plant has exceptional rejuvenating characteristics. It is effective in skin cleansing, blood purifying, and overall body detoxifying.

In case you accidentally miss your dose, take it as soon as you find it out.

There is no evidence that the product has a negative impact on any prescribed medication. People concerned with possible interaction of the product with any medicine, vitamin, or other food supplement they take are highly recommended to discuss this issue with their doctors.

All ingredients, including herbs used in Stress Gum are chosen following the most strict technological standards and are known to be safe to human beings as they have been used by people for centuries. The Food and Drug Administration also considers all natural ingredients used in the product safe. While Stress Gum is believed to be one of the best and safest products on the market, people with special medical conditions are encouraged to consult their doctor prior to taking the supplement.


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