Suspend the process of ovulation.Plan B

plan-b-contraception  In the case of unprotected sexual intercourse (not used contraceptive methods, forgot to drink a pill, no condom, there was an “accident” with a condom) you can have the opportunity to avoid pregnancy by drinking a pill on the next day. This medicine is called Plan B.

What is the secret of the effectiveness of such birth control pills? When the body receives these drugs, a woman gets an extra dose of hormonal substances. They suspend the process of ovulation, and the mucus contained in the canal of the cervix becomes a strong barrier to sperm, which ultimately minimizes the risk of egg fertilization and attachment to the uterine wall. These are pills that are recommended to women as means to improve their ability to reproduce offspring. They do not allow thickening and loosening the uterine lining and it makes it impossible a fertilized egg to attach to it.


Dosing and Administration
Take it orally and once a day after a sex. This is the quickest variant to avoid pregnancy. The only thing you should not forget to take it next day after sex.

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