Tagara – the Indian valerian to avoid sleep disorders


Tagara is Indian valerian, which has long been used as a remedy for treating hysteria, hypochondria, nervous anxiety, emotional tension, stress and sleep disorders.

to treat anxiety

Tagara as the effective medical herb to treat:

–          anxiety,

–          insomnia,

–          sleep disorders,

–          nervous and emotional disorders.


The product is also used as an antiflatulent, and is a component of the Ayurvedic preparations. The root, pounded into a powder and mixed with sugar is used in the case of the urinary tract’s inflammation. The Ayurvedic healers recommend giving a decoction of the plant after childbirth to women as a sedative and anaesthetic, and the extract to use as revitalisant with the antibiotic’s effect.


Tagara, How to take

Tagara should be taken per 1 capsule 2 times a day after meals with water. Avoid other drugs within an hour after ingestion. (The dose is given for those who have attained 14 years of age).

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