The deep-rooted thrush, as one of a form of the vaginal candidacies

The deep-rooted thrush

The deep-rooted thrush unlike a random fungal disease is more than just a discomfort: to cure the deep-rooted thrush cure is more difficult than to suppress the symptoms of the traditional thrush.


The causes of the deep-rooted thrush


According to the statistics, approximately five percent of women experience the thrush at least three times a year. Regular symptoms of the thrush say about recurrent vulvo-vaginal candidacies, a state when even with a proper treatment the disease comes back again after a period of time. The causes of the deep-rooted thrush can be very different. This is an incomplete treatment of the fungal infections and poor health (very common the cause of the relapse is diabetes), and prolonged practice of certain drugs.

The deep-rooted thrush’s treatment

The deep-rooted thrush is not recommended to treat with the help of the traditional remedies – to suppress the recurrent symptoms much more effective medicines recommended by gynecologist is required.
Although the antifungal drugs, sold at pharmacies without a prescription, are able to cure the thrush in most cases. But they can be a cause of the development of the deep-rooted thrush – because, according to the statistics, two thirds of these drugs are used by women who really do not have the thrush. Improper use or abuse of the antifungal drugs, sold at pharmacies without a prescription, can cause the thrush, which symptoms can not be suppressed with the help of the traditional remedies. In fact, the fungal organisms (in such situation) are developed a kind of “immunity’ to the standard antifungal drugs. That is why it is important to consult a doctor before stating the thrush’s treatment independent.

To diagnose the deep-rooted thrush can make a specialist only. The one specialist who can determine whether symptoms are caused by the uncontrolled multiplication of the fungal organisms or it is a bacterial infection that the reason of the inflammation. A proper diagnosis of deep-rooted thrush is very important, because very different treatments are required for the different types of the infections.

          The deep-rooted thrush’s prevention
The best way to control the deep-rooted thrush is the prevention of the fungal diseases. In order to reduce the risk of the thrush and other fungal diseases, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules:

To refuse too tight clothes, to wear underwear made ​​of natural cotton;

After swimming or any other physical activity, accompanied by sweating, to change the wet clothes to dry and clean immediately;

Do not use flavored personal hygiene products, flavored pads or tampons;

To avoid any products containing fragrances or dyes.


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