The effective drugs to combat the thrush

Antifungal creams, ointments and pills

A doctor diagnosed the yeast infection, usually recommends specific antifungal medications for an external use or antibiotics for the fungal disease’s treatment. In most cases, the medicines for the thrush’s treatment, that are sold at pharmacies by prescription only, helps to suppress the symptoms quickly. To take antibiotics and to use antifungal preparations for external applications must be strictly under the instructions.

The vaginal suppositories

The main treatment for the women’ yeast infection is the antifungal preparations at the form of the vaginal suppositories, which active compounds normalize the vaginal micro-flora and neutralize the proliferation of the fungal microorganisms in the vagina, causing the thrush’s symptoms.

Warm baths with baking soda

The women’ fungal infections are the result of increased activity of the fungal microorganisms of the bacterial origin in vagina. One of the easiest ways to neutralize the harmful micro-organisms is a warm bath with ordinary baking soda that has effective cleansing properties.


One of the major traditional medicines for the thrush’s treatment is calendula – an efficient helper in the fight against the fungal diseases. Numerous studies have confirmed that Calendula has the anti-fungal properties and helps to neutralize fungal microorganisms that cause the thrush

Tea Tree Oil

As with calendula, tea tree oil is an efficient helper in the treatment of the thrush at home. The easiest way to treat the fungal diseases with tea tree oil is douching with a solution of tea tree oil at the rate of one drop of oil on a glass of clean water.

The garlic

The Garlic – is one of the most widely used cures for the thrush’s home treatment. The garlic has antifungal and antibacterial properties which help to neutralize fungal organisms that cause the infection. Moreover, the garlic helps to prevent the development and dissemination of the yeast infections, especially in cases when the disease has been not cured in time.

Natural yoghurt

The useful lactobacillus acidophilus, normalizing vagina’s micro-flora and neutralizing the fungal microorganisms’ activity contain in a typical yogurt, which does not contain dyes and perfumes. Yogurt in the home treatment of the thrush can be used external or can be used with the help of tampons soaked in yogurt.

Vaginal Thrush

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