The irrigation as an effective way to deal with the thrush

The irrigation when it is the thrush

Irrigation is one of the most effective methods to treat the thrush (at home). A gynecologic ball syringe should be used gently. Gently pressing the bottle (a lot of pressure can lead to ingress of fluid from the syringe into the uterus). The ball syringe should be inserted also carefully – damage to the vaginal walls may lead to more serious fungal or bacterial infections.

The irrigation with hydrogen peroxide when it is the thrush

Hydrogen peroxide produces bacteria that are constantly presented in the vagina. More than that hydrogen peroxide controls reproduction of the fungal microorganisms. If the vagina’s micro-flora is disturbed, and beneficial bacteria are not able to cope with the rapid growth of the fungus, the irrigation with hydrogen peroxide will help to cure the thrush. This procedure demands to prepare a solution at the rate of one teaspoon of three percent hydrogen peroxide into a glass of water. The irrigation should be done once a day during several days (since the final disappearance of the thrush’s symptoms).

The irrigation with tea tree oil when it is the thrush

Tea tree oil is an effective helper in fighting against any fungal infection. A solution of tea tree oil can be used to treat the thrush. To prepare such solution one teaspoon of tea tree oil with one teaspoon of isopropyl (medical) alcohol must be mixed. A ready solution is better to keep in a bottle-dropper with a screw cap. To treat the thrush ten drops of tea tree oil solution must be dissolved in two cups of water and to make a procedure once a day during a week.


Herbal infusions for the irrigation when it is the thrush
A variety of herbal extracts that neutralize the proliferation of the fungal microorganisms and stop the inflammation should be used for the thrush’s irrigation. To prepare herbal infusion, sage, raspberry or comfrey leaves should be mixed in equal proportions than four tablespoons of herb collection on liter of boiling water should be added. Than this fluid should be left for brewing during fifteen or twenty minutes, then the fluid should be drained and chilled to room temperature. You can add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, or, optionally, a quarter cup of yogurt or a tablespoon of acidophilic powder (for the irrigation in the resulting herbal extract).  When the thrush’s symptoms are mild the irrigation can done once every two days, when the thrush’s symptoms are strong – the irrigation should be done every day (until complete disappearance of the thrush’s symptoms)


The irrigation with the help of acid fluid
The acidic fluid restores the natural pH of the vagina, thereby neutralizing the propagation of the fungal microorganisms. To prepare the fluid,  one liter of water and two tablespoons of traditional or apple cider vinegar (fruit juice of a half a lemon or a one teaspoon of vitamin C cider can be used instead of vinegar). When the thrush’s symptoms are mild the irrigation with acid fluid should be done daily. When the thrush’s symptoms are more intensive, the irrigation should be combined with other methods of the thrush’s treatment.


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