The Optimal Treatment of Intestinal Blockage

Up to 150 thousands of the Americans die each year from the diseases caused by intestinal blockage. The intestinal blockage cause many diseases, up to the oncology. It should not be ashamed; It should be treated and better without medicines.

Intestinal obstruction

The intestinal blockage is discomfort, time-lapse or insufficiently frequent stools (bowel evacuation). Some people have defecation 2 or 3 times a day, others once every 3-5 days, however these two cases are within normal limits. The intestinal blockage is characterized not by bowel movement’s frequency and consistency or a sense of discomfort.


The intestinal blockage. The causes

a. ignoring the need for a bowel movement because of the employment,
b. hemorrhoids or anal fissures, which cause pain during defecation,
c. improper diet, low activity, day regimen’s changes or increased stress,
d. insufficient liquid intake or dietary fibers (pacefollower),
e. some medications, such as remedies, which reduce gastric acidity, antidepressants, antihistamines.


The intestinal blockage. The symptoms

a) a feeling of pressure in the straight intestine,
b) increased aerogenesis,
c) an unpleasant sensation of the intestinal canal’s overflow.

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The intestinal blockage. The risks

First and foremost the intestinal blockage can cause the carcinology of intestinal canal, stomach, liver and pancreas, as well as other diseases. The intestinal blockage leads to the admission of water, poisoned by the faeces that, in its turn, lead to the liver’s work breakdown and blood’s toxication, flowing to the cells. They are poisoned, and can degenerate into the cancer cells.

The fecal masses become “stake”, block the work of the instant canal’s motofacient muscles, which stop working. Dehydration occurs that leads to the deficit states and diseases.


The intestinal blockage. Treatment by the natural medical herbs

Usually it is recommend correction of the diet, using of the laxatives and cleansing enemas for the bowel movement’s normalization, but in these cases it is referred to rather a state of temporary relief, than to the treatment of the intestinal blockage. The use of the chemical preparations, in its turn, causes the side effects and habituation often. So there is a need to find proven non-drug methods of the intestinal blockage’s treatment with a pronounced therapeutic effect. The natural medical herbs, allowing unloading the instant canal in time and to “teach” it to function on their own without medications refer to such methods of treatment.

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