The thrush’s identification using a special test (at home)


Approximately 75% of women at least once in their lifetime are diagnosed vulvo-vaginal candidacies (the thrush). 40-50% of them suffers from the repeated infections, and at 5% of women the chronic candidacies is developed. The candidacies’ symptoms are: severe itching, soreness of vagina, irritation, burning sensation, which may be increased during urination, copious white cheesy discharges. But it should be remembered that the number of infectious and noninfectious diseases can cause similar symptoms. So to make an accurate diagnosis more researches are needed.

The accuracy of the method is 90%.


How does it work


The test is based on the immune method, during which the Candida’s antigens in the current of fluid are interacted with specific antibodies to Candida, coupled with blue latex particles, forming a blue stripe.

The presence of the blue band in tested region indicates a positive result. Latex particles are interacted lower test zone with other specific antibodies, forming the control strip. The blue band in the control zone indicates the correctness of the test.

Vaginal Thrush

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