The thrush – the disease of a modern woman

The thrush or the vaginal candidacies – the disease caused by uncontrolled multiplication of Candida species fungal organisms (candida albicans). The excessive number of fungal organisms leads to the appearance of the yeast and its characteristic features (itching and burning in the vagina, vaginal discharge and unpleasant smell).

One of the first signs of the yeast infection are itching or burning sensation in the genital area, increasing during urination or after a sexual intercourse.
The appearance of the unusual vaginal discharges is a common deal for the thrush is. Although vaginal discharges change color, texture or smell (depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle) – it is a perfectly normal phenomenon. But the appearance of white or yellowish discharges with a typical cheesy consistency is one of the typical signs of the thrush.
Another sign of the thrush is an unpleasant smell, which appearance is due to the excessive multiplication of the fungal organisms in vagina. Often the thrush is accompanied by vaginal discharges with a distinct smell.
The characteristic symptom of the thrush is an inflammation and an irritation of vulva as well as a swelling and an inflammation of vagina. Increased sensitivity of skin, appearance of irritation or rash, burning sensation are the additional symptoms the fungal disease.


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