The thrush. Get to know your diagnosis

Although the thrush brings huge inconveniences and causes a discomfort, it is not dangerous to health. As a rule, the following symptoms are witnessed about the presence of the infection:

The yeast fungal infections are so common that three-quarters of the women face with them at different times of their lives. Half of the women are infected with vaginal candidacies several times throughout life. If you find the above symptoms, go to gynecological examination to establish the true cause of these symptoms – in some cases it is not the thrush.

The fight against the thrush

The yeast fungal infections are usually treated by the vaginal drugs, such as cream, with the help of which vagina is smeared. This procedure is going the following way. A woman takes a special applicator or suppository and places it into vagina where it is dissolving slowly. An ointment is also applied into vulva to relieve itching and burning. There are also oral pills, for the treatment of the vaginal candidacies.

     I’ve got the thrush. Is it the reason to consult a doctor?


You should immediately visit a gynecologist when you have just felt the first symptoms of the yeast fungal infection. It is very important to make sure that there is the yeast infection exactly and then to proceed an appropriate treatment. The thrush’s symptoms are similar to symptoms of some other infectious diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases. The improper treatment (for example, if you are taking the medications against vaginal candidacies, and you have a sexually transmitted disease) will only worsen the situation and prolong the recovery. If you are often infected by the vaginal candidacies, consult your doctor what medicine you can buy at a pharmacy without a prescription.

What steps should be taken to prevent the development of the thrush?


Here are some tips for the prevention of the vaginal candidacies:


Do not wear synthetic or small underwear;

Wear cotton panties;

Do not wear stockings or leggings every day;

After having a shower or bath dry restricted range with a dryer (minimum configuration);

After a toilet wipe perineum from front to back to prevent presenting fecal bacteria in vagina

After bathing, try to change into clean, dry clothes as quickly as it is possible.

Do not use the intimate hygiene sprays, scented tampons or sanitary pads, foam baths, as well as colored toilet paper. All of these tools affect the vaginal acidic environment and can lead to the yeast fungal infection.


Has my sexual partner to see a doctor as well?
In rare cases, the yeast fungal infection is transmitted through a sex sexual partner. If your partner has symptoms of the infection, consult a gynecologist.

Vaginal Thrush

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