The vaginal candidacies: the causes of

What are the reasons of the thrush appearance?
The thrush – is a very common disease, with which the most women are faced in a certain period of life. The thrush is provoked by the Candida yeast infection (Candida albicans) – the yeast-like mould that is always presented in vagina, intestines, skin in small amounts.

The number of the fungal and other microorganisms in the vaginal environment is usually normal, but because of some reason the natural balance is disturbed, and the fungal colonies grow, which eventually leads to the of the thrush’s appearance.

A violation of vaginal micro flora and the occurrence of the thrush can be caused by:

  • A long-term use of the antibiotics for the treatment of other infections: the antibiotics not only neutralize the infection but the beneficial bacteria that support the balance of microorganisms as well;
  • The pregnancy;
  • The diabetes;
  • The obesity;
  • The postponed disease that caused the immune’s weakening.

The vaginal candidacies or the thrush are not the diseases, transmitted sexually. However, in rare cases a man can get the thrush after sexual intercourse with a woman. The man’s thrush is accompanied by almost similar symptoms – including itching and rash on a penis.

The thrush. Get to know your diagnosis

Although the thrush brings huge inconveniences and causes a discomfort, it is not dangerous to health. As a rule, the following symptoms are witnessed about the presence of the infection:

  • An itching and a burning around vagina and vulva (folds of skin surrounding vagina);
  • The white cheesy discharges from vagina;
  • The soreness during sex;
  • An increase of vulva’s size.

The yeast fungal infections are so common that three-quarters of the women face with them at different times of their lives. Half of the women are infected with vaginal candidacies several times throughout life. If you find the above symptoms, go to gynecological examination to establish the true cause of these symptoms – in some cases it is not the thrush.


Vaginal Thrush

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