To treat vaginal candidiasis

Diflucan-150 Diflucan. The preparation’s indications

Fungal infections are the very common diseases. So, every visit to pool or sauna is a risk to get a fungus. One of the medicines for getting rid of the fungal infections is Diflucan. It is formed triazole class of drugs against fungi.

The preparation grapples with the various types of fungal infections effectively, namely, those that are the result of the negative impact of Candida spp., Cryptococcus, etc.

Diflucan is considered to be the medicine, which is digested by a human body after its use very quickly and easily. Its overall bioavailability reaches more than 90 percent. Food consumption at the time of the preparation’s absorption does not affect the process.

If you suffer from candidacies, Diflucan is able to help you quickly and effectively. In addition, the preparation is the active solution for treating fungal skin lesions, such as some types of lichen, mycosis, onychomycosis. Also, Diflucan is used to prevent the development of fungal lesions in newborn babies.
Diflucan. The Recommendation for Administration

Diflucan is administrated orally or by intravenous drip. The medicine should be poured very slowly. Dosage depends on patient’s age and severity of disease. At the same time the preparation can be used for the treatment for a very long time.

To treat some forms of meningitis, Diflucan is used for six weeks or more.
To treat some forms of candidiasis, Diflucan is used for 1-1,5 week.
To treat vaginal candidiasis, it is enough to take one dose of Diflucan.

Diflucan. The Feedbacks

I’ve heard a lot about vaginal yeast from my female friends… and now have faced this problem myself. Discomfort is eerie, who faced, understand me.
Of course, I consulted the gynecologist, who advised me Diflucan 150 mg. In the beginning I reacted skeptically, because never heard about this preparation. However, after Diflucan’s administration all the symptoms disappeared the next day. I was very happy. And if you have the same problem, as I had, I advise you this drug.
Pam, 26 y.

A few weeks later after I fixed dental prostheses, I began to feel a burning sensation and pain in the mouth when eating. I consulted with my dentist, and he immediately said that it i oral candidiasis. Doctor put on Diflucan.
I took Diflucan 0.05 g per day in combination with oral antiseptics. The course of treatment was 2 weeks. By the end of the second week, there were no symptoms of this nasty thing. I am more than satisfied.
Ashley, 57 y.

Because I am a nursing mother and suckle two year baby, my immune system is almost ruined. Therefore milk fever (vaginal candidiasis) “visits” me often. I take Diflucan to treat it.
One tablet of 150 mg is enough for me to get rid of the symptoms of yeast infection completely. Recently to reduce the frequency of backsets I began to take Diflucan 1 per month. Thus, I have almost forgotten about milk fever.
Julia, 30 y.

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