Tramadol: the med that kills a severe pain

Tramadol. What is the Preparation?


Tramadol is an opiate anesthetic, used to treat moderately severe and severe pain . Tramadol acts on the central nervous system by blocking sanding of the painful impulses along the nerves.

Tramadol was developed by the German pharmaceutical company Grunenthal GmbH in the late 1970s. To date the experience of its use is more than 20 years. At the present time a considerable database of the med’s safety has been accumulated.

Tramadol. When to Use?


– Moderately severe and severe pain of the different origin (Tramadol is good for suppression of the postoperative achiness, neuropathic achiness, achiness caused by trauma or tumors).

– Strong neuralgia.
– Tumors’ achiness and myocardial infarction’s achiness.
– Anesthetic, when there are some diagnostic procedures that cause a severe pain.

Tramadol is the sufficiently safety medication, because its analgesic doses do not lead to the dysfunction of the vital functions; its application according to the strict norms can decrease suffering of a patient and provide him a decent quality of life.




Tramadol. What are the Advantages of the Preparation?

The experimental and clinical studies have shown that the med does not have the characteristic to cause psychological  and physical dependence (weak narcogenic potential). The cases of Tramadol abuse are extremely rare, and if there are the withdrawal symptoms, they are mild. The studies have shown that the preparation’s potential for addictions as well as the euphoric or dysphoretic effects are comparable to placebo.

Thus, the important advantages of Tramadol over all true opiates and the majority of the synthetic opiates are:

a)      its minimum narcogenic potential;

b)      a low risk of the dangerous complications of the gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

c)      a low risk of Tramadol’s effects on the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system (if the medication is taken at the recommended therapeutic doses) compares the med favorably from the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Tramadol can be used in the cases, when there are the contraindications to use NSAIDs.



Tramadol. The Recommendations for Administration

Tramadol in tabloid form or capsules: 50 milligrams given as a single dose for adults and children at the age of fourteen years or 100 milligrams given as a single dose (in the case of severe achiness).

For the children under the age of fourteen, the optimal dose is calculated on the basis of  the ratio of 1-2 milligrams of Tramadol for every kilogram of body weight.



Daily Dose

The adults and children over 14 years old

capsules 50 mg

3 – 4 х 1 –2 capsule



The interval between the doses is 4-6 hours. If there is a decreased kidney or liver function, the dose has to be selected individually.

Tramadol tablets can be taken on an empty stomach as well as after a meal, washing down with a portion of liquid – its action does not depend on the gastric contents.

Tramadol should not be used for longer than it is necessary for a treatment!




Tramadol. The Feedbacks

Good day everybody! My mom is 57 years. A few months ago, she underwent the breast cancer surgery (diagnose: the breast cancer). After surgery, her Thoracic Area hurt so much that my mother was howling with pain. We began to anesthetize with the help of Tramadol. It helps her at the dosage of 50mg every 14 hours.

Mollie, 35 y.


I have a hellish scelalgia: a pinched nerve. I was prescribed Tramadol. God be thanked! Now I could sleep at night!

Ben, 38 y.


My wife has hepatic cancer. The attending doctor prescribed her Tramadol to relieve severe pain in the right feather. Only due to Tramadol my wife forgets about her illness for short while and even smiles!

Patrick, 65 y.



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The Support Service


The professional staff of our pharmacy is here to help you with the purchases. We will answer all your questions, advice on the specifics of this product and its administration as well as inform about the contraindications.

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