Treat endometriosis.Danazol


Danazol inhibits the release of pituitary gonadotropins (LH and FSH). In large doses, has a mild androgenic and anabolic effect.

In connection with antigonadotropnym is used to treat endometriosis associated with infertility, benign tumors of the breast, premenstrual syndrome, gynecomastia and other diseases, which shows the suppression of gonadotropin secretion. With fibrocystic mastopathy this medicine promotes partial or complete disappearance of nodular seals and completes relief of pain. Danazol is a great chance to forget about unability to reproduce offspring. It takes under control the PMS.


Dosing and Administration

It is an oral medicine. Treatment starts on the first day of the menstrual cycle. Adults – 200-800 mg per day in 2-4 reception. Endometriosis initial daily dose is 400 mg, further – to 800 mg treatment – 6 months, as a preoperative preparation – 300-400 mg pre day for 1-2 months before surgery. Benign breast disease – 100-300 mg daily for 3-6 months, with primary menorrhagia and premenstrual syndrome – to 100-400 mg / day course of treatment – 3 months. To prevent angioedema initial dose – 200 mg, with subsequent reduction (in the absence of relapse) within 1-3 months. Children: in premature puberty – daily 100-400 mg depending on age and condition of the patient.

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