Triamcinolone Oral Paste is used to treat mouth and gum problems


Triamcinolone Oral Paste

triamcinolone Oral Paste
Triamcinolone Oral Paste has Triamcinolone (which belongs to topical corticosteroids) as its main ingredient. Dental paste is a good vehicle that brings medication to oral surfaces.

Triamcinolone Oral Paste is used to treat different mouth and gum problems, including redness, irritation, mouth ulcers due to its antipruritic and anti-inflammatory action. It reliefs the symptoms resulting from ulcerative lesions and oral inflammatory lesions. It is good as adjunctive treatment.

Use the paste according to your doctor’s directions. Tell him if you are allergic to any medicines or pregnant or breast-feeding. Let the doctor know if you take any other medicines. Usually Triamcinolone Oral Paste is applied to the affected areas before sleep or after meals. Use a clean finger to apply the paste, do not rub it.


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