Vaginal Dryness Gel

Vaginal Dryness Gel. What is the Preparation?

Vaginal Gel

Vaginal Gel

Vaginal dryness gel is the genital antibacterial gel that clears vaginal dryness.

Vaginal dryness gel has the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory claims, brings a sense of comfort. It is effective in the treatment of vaginitis and cervicitis. The preparation:

  • allays and heals the depthless affections of the vaginal mucosa;
  • resolves itching and burning, helps to normalize the vaginal flora;
  • soothes the inflamed vagina and cervix uteri;
  • soothes itching, promotes healing and the recovery processes;
  • resolves the unwanted vaginal discharge in the case of vaginitis;
  • deterges mucous coat of the woman’s privy parts;
  • removes foul smell, sense of dryness and burning;
  • prevents the infections that may occur after the intrauterine device’s administration or elimination.


Use Vaginal Dryness Gel, if you suffer from:

a)      Yeast.

b)      Itching and redness of the privy parts.

c)      Discharge from the urethra.

d)     Pain or burning sensation when urinating.

e)      Pain during sexual intercourse.

f)       Vaginal discharge (white cheesy, foul smelling with a yellowish tinge).

g)      Burning and itching in the area of the privy parts.
The medication normalizes the vaginal healthy environment’s acidity and reclaims the normal vaginal micro-biocenosis.


The Advantages of Vaginal Dryness Gel over other Similar Preparations

1)      The med does not irritate mucosal and provides gentle cleansing action.

2)      The med has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and calming effect.

3)      The med supports the natural acid condition.

4)      The med does not contain chemical additives.

5)      The med does not contain aroma compounds and stains.

6)      The med softens, tones and moistens.


Vaginal Dryness Gel. The Feedbacks


Periodically I had itching and vaginal dryness. I used this med on the doctor’s advice. I felt a positive result on the third day. I went the 7 days cue. My dryness went away and I added Vaginal Dryness Gel to my armoury just in case if the unpleasant feelings would go back.

Caddie, 44 y.


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