Vaginal gel. V-gel

therapeutic and preventive solution – V-gel  V-gel. Formula and Medical claims

V-gel is a colorless, transparent water-soluble vaginal gel based on hydroxyethyl cellulose. The medicine’s ingredients reclaim the natural vagina’s microflora, providing moisturizing and lubricating effect. The product contains no fat and is compatible with latex.




V-gel. What is the preparation?

Women, who take oral contraceptives, hormonal preparations, antibiotics or antifungal drugs, can feel intimate discomfort. Administration of these medical solutions can cause a sharp imbalance of vaginal flora and vaginal aphylaxis. Woman may start to feel the unpleasant symptoms, which bring a lot of inconveniences, preventing her usual sexual activity. More than that, imbalance of vaginal flora may contribute to the development of more serious gynecological diseases.

To prevent intimate discomfort or to remove the already existing unpleasant symptoms, caused by oral contraceptives, hormonal preparations, antibiotics or antifungal drugs, it is recommended to use the therapeutic and preventive solution – V-gel.

V-gel is the preparation, which:

– restores local immunity and vagina’s microflora,
– provides healing effect on the vaginal mucosa (repairs vaginal micro disruptions),
– eliminates itching, burning and dryness,
– allows to forget about intimate discomfort,
– suppresses the disease-causing microbes,
– returns to normal sexual life.

Furthermore, the preparation helps maintaining the natural balance (pH) of intimate zone, relieves discomfort, and does not cause dryness and irritation.

V-gel. When to use?

First, V-gel has the effect to suppress the viruses, “tune” the immune defense, and normalize the biological balance of a body. The product accelerates the restoration of the integrity of the genital mucosa as well as relieves discomfort, redness and swelling, regains sexual function.

Secondly, V-gel is the effective product for recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis of the different forms of origin, nonspecific vulvovaginitis, bacterial vaginosis. It helps to increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in the vaginal mucosa, regulates the acidity of vulva in such a way that it is optimal for the growth of lactobacilli, which protect mucous membranes of the pathogenic agents.

Thirdly – on the fourth day of using, gel promotes tissues’ regeneration of the vaginal mucosa and uterus, relieves itching discomfort.

Also V-gel is prescribed to use in the case of cervical erosion of viral etiology. It treats cervix qualitatively.

It should be noted that the natural vagina’s microflora is often disturbed by the sharp change of climate, as well as when a woman swim in pool or open water. It may contribute to the penetration of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Therefore, V-gel is needed everywhere: on a business trip, in the country or at resort.

The other benefit of V-gel is the preparation’s effectiveness in the case of increased vaginal dryness associated with menopause. The medicine also promotes high-quality sex life.


V-gel is high tolerated by the mucous membrane. The gel distributes on the parietes of vagina.

The perfect quality of the gel is guaranteed by chemical and biological control.

V-gel. Safety and Effectiveness

Effectiveness as well as the harmlessness of the medicine has been proved by numerous experiments, conducted by Chicago Research Institute of Obstetrics and Perinatology as well as by the Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology of the American Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

V-gel is approved for use in the first trimester of pregnancy and just before the birth. It is completely harmless for the fetus.

Unlike many intimate solutions, the gel V-gel does not contain flavors, substances with specific properties (anesthetics, etc.) or dyes. It is hypoallergenic and odorless.

V-gel. The Recommendations for Use

V-gel is recommended to apply into sheath and to the area of the labia 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening

V-gel is recommended to use before sexual intercourse to protect the appearance of micro traumas and fractures. It is the excellent lubricant for vaginal dryness.

Later V-gel should be used for at least 5 times a year, for 10-14 days in the period of maximum decrease in immunity – fall, spring, when taking antibiotics, oral contraceptives, stress, diets, moving to the different climate zones, serial monogamy.

To maintain the vaginal microflora during hygiene procedures gel should be used as the daily intimate hygiene. Also the gel is recommended for daily use in the critical days and during pregnancy as well as after visiting pool, sauna, before and after intimacy.

V-gel can be used by pregnant women with symptoms of vulvovaginal candidiasis and sexually transmitted diseases. It is recommended to use of V-gel to prevent infection during labor.

Before making a sexual act, apply a small amount of gel into vagina. To treat vaginal dryness, dose and frequency of application is determined by woman individually.

Gel is recommended to use in the morning and in the evening, outwardly, while hygiene!

V-gel. The medicines’ compatibility

V-gel is neutral and is well compatible with water-soluble substances, can be the basis for the delivery and distribution of these substances in the mucosa of the vagina.



V-gel is not a contraceptive method and can be used with condoms’; it is easy to wash off, it is non staining preparation.
V-gel. The Feedbacks

I use this gel everyday over six months. I like this solution vey much! Our acquaintance started under the unpleasant circumstances – there was an itch in an intimate place, I picked up infection in the pool (it was so bad that I almost climbed a wall). The gynecologist advised to try this gel and all things passed. Now I use V-gel as the preventive measure; the sensations are pleasant. The remedy perfectly moisturizes and heals from all bacteria. Before I used panty liners, now there is no need to use them, because the gel copes with all smells and discharges hundred per cent!

Alexa, 23 y.o.

I like this gel very much. I started to use it after a week of itching. I had eerie excitation and vaginal discharges. It was V-gel, which helped me to be free of these things. Now I have completely withdrawn from the panty liners. Before I had no idea, how to live without them. Girls, if you have the same problems, I recommend you this gel. The price is reasonable, it is better to use V-gel than to spend money on suppositories and new pants time after time:).
Sharon, 31 y.o.
For one I use this gel as not the lubricant, but just as the personal hygiene product. It moisturizes and calms skin, the solution has a nice neutral smell! Gel is very good when there are no chances to have a wash (hiking or long trips).
So, I will say that it has helped me with milk fever. It is a good remedy. I have been suffering torments with intimate problems! Some month I had itching, the other – dryness. But this magical ointment helped me. Women, who are afflicting with intimate problems, will understand me!!))))
Peggy, 36 y.o.


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