Vega H Cream’s used for the men impotence treatment

If you’re searching an easy and effective way to treat impotence, Vega H Cream’s waiting for you. Of course in the market there’re a lot of different types of medicine used and available for these purposes but this drug is a real innovation.

Vega H Cream

 Vega H Cream
No matter almost everybody hate the necessity to use any kind of pills, before starting a sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction is definitely a problem, but according to the scientists’ point of view Vega H Cream that has to be rubbed directly onto the skin, will help you.

The actual name of this drug is Sildenafil Cirate/ Lignocaine. But its generic name is more commonly used in order to make it easier to realize what the numerous customers all over the world are buying. This cream contains the same ingredients as any ordinary Viagra pill including Sildenafil Citrate, but Lignocaine’s considered to be a rather effective ingredient to improve the sexual life.


Vega H Cream’s used for the men impotence treatment. With the help of PDE5 inhibitor, the blood vessels’re usually relaxed, and it causes the releasing of the blood flow into the penis and as a result the erection maintains. The active ingredient, Sildenafil mentioned above and known as a prime cause of prolonged ejaculation and erection. However, remember that this cream does not save against STD’s.


Beginning from now, you are able to say good bye to any kind of the chewing pills. Using the newest Vega H Cream, you can surely achieve the same results. All you have to do is to rub a small amount of cream on the penis head and shaft. You should do it one hour before sexual intercourse. However, pay attention to that fact that you shouldn’t take this medicine together with any other medication form, used to treat erectile dysfunction. This cream isn’t for women, only men should use it. Sometimes people worry about bad odor, but this cream has a sweet smell and besides it, Vega H Cream’s water-soluble.

Of course as any other medicine it should be kept away from children.


You can store your cream in a special container at the temperature not more than 25 ° C or 77 ° F.


This drug has some essential interactions which shouldn’t be forgotten. First of all you should avoid taking Vega H Cream if you are using any medication containing nitrates. Otherwise it will cause the extremely low blood pressure, which might be dangerous and even hazardous to your health. Under extreme conditions, you may get even a heart stroke or a heart attack. In fact, doctors are recommending if you suffer from high blood pressure, avoid using this drug. As well as in that case if you have a sore throat or angina.


Consult a doctor before starting to use Vega H Cream and remember that nobody else should use your cream.

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