What Is Acid Reflux?

Acid Reflux is the process of food reflux from the stomach into the food pipe. There is acidic environment in the stomach, and the gastric mucosa has a stricture that protects itself from the effects of acids. There is no such coat in the food pipe, and the acids stimulate it, causing inflammation, anabrosis, ulcers with a strong burning sensation, called heartburn.


What Is Acid Reflux

The Symptoms of the Acid Reflux


The most common symptom of the acid reflux is heartburn (burning sensation behind the breastbone). There also can be intercostal neuralgia that shoots up a neck, throat or even face. Usually these symptoms appear after a meal or when a person lies down. The heartburn may be accompanied by reflux of gastric contents into the mouth and excessive saliva flow.

The acid reflux’s complications are:


  • arctation in the lower thoracic oesophagus (peptic esophageal stricture);
  • ulceration and precancerous lesions in its mucous coat (Barrett syndrome);
  • pain during swallowing and bleeding, often mild but may be excessive.


If a person suffers from the acid reflux for quite a long time, constrictor muscle between the food pipe and the stomach inflames very much due to the lasting acid excitation, and a person is very difficult to swallow solid food. Getting through a sore constrictor muscle, it hurts a patient further.


The Causes of the Acid Reflux .


The main causes of the acid reflux are:

a)                 excessive alcohol consumption,

b)                 smoking,

c)                  rich foods,

d)                 beverages that contain caffeine,

e)                  a wide range of the co-existing diseases.


The Acid Reflux Treatment


The drug Motilium is the drug that eases the symptoms of the acid reflux quickly and effectively. This med reduces gastric acidity as well as protects coat of esophageal against acid attack.

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