What is Elidel Cream?

Elidel Cream. What is the Medication?

To cure eczema or different forms of dermatitis is not so easy. Often various healthcare products, designed to cope with these diseases, are composed of the hormones that can affect the endocrine system’s function and metabolism negatively.

What is Elidel Cream


In this case Elidel Cream (non-hormonal medication that does not harm body) is the perfect alternate to the hormonal healthcare products.

Elidel Cream is the anti-inflammatory cream for local external use – the selective inhibitor of the elution and synthesis of the inflammatory mediators. In other words, the product is the external antiallergic drug that charms away inflammation.



Elidel Cream How does it work?

Elidel Cream (the international non-proprietary name – pimecrolimus) is the anti-inflammatory drug that affects the skin cover and comes in the form of 1% cream. The medication arrests selectively the formation and release of the substances from the tissues that are the key mediators of the fire reaction. Thus, it almost does not absorb into the bloodstream, affecting the skin cover directly on and hardly influence the immune system. Skin inflammation and pruritus, caused by the atopic dermatitis fall under the medication’s influence.
In the course of the clinical studies it was found that Elidel Cream reduces appearance of the atopic dermatitis no less efficiently than adrenal cortical hormones. When applying the preparation over the course of the year it reduces incidences of the disease’s flare-ups without causing atrophy (dry skin), irritation and hyper-skin sensibility (including sensibility to sunlight).
Elidel Cream. In which cases is this medication applied ?

The main and the only administration of Elidel Cream is the atopic dermatitis’s treatment. Moreover, the research of the med’s use in Pediatrics was conducted. The research found that the concentration of the med’s active substance in the blood is consistently low at the time of the drug’s use that makes possible using Elidel Cream in the course of the atopic dermatitis’s treatment in children.
How should I use Elidel Cream?

First of all you must wash your hands with soap and water before you use this medicine. Apply the med’s thin layer to the affected area of ​​the skin cover, usually twice a day or as your physician is directed. Embrocate the medication into the skin gently and in full. Wash your hands after using this product, if you do not use the medication to treat the hands.

Elidel Cream is designed to use on the skin only. Avoid getting into eyes or inside your nose or mouth. Do not use cream on the open wounds or the infected areas. Do not wrap the treated area with plastic or waterproof bandage. Do not swim, bath or take a shower immediately after using this medicine. Use this medication as instructed exactly.



Elidel Cream. The Feedbacks


I gave birth to my long-awaited baby. We came home and everything was fine! But two weeks later I was shocked, she broke up in red millet rash, especially her face, head and hands. The pediatrician prescribed Elidel Cream. We were using this drug for about 2 weeks and a positive result was obvious. Dermatitis disappeared in the face of.

I want to emphasize that cream runs out very thinly, goes a long way. It does not dry, has a pleasant smell. I sincerely advise those, who have problems with allergic rash (diathesis) particularly for children.

Madeleine, 31y.


Atopic dermatitis has not bypassed my baby as well. The doctor advised Elidel Cream. I can say with confidence – it simply saved my baby per day. In the evening I creamed baby’s cheeks. By the morning her cheeks were absolutely clean! First I doubted own eyes. I did not dry baby’s skin. Literally round the clock – and her face was as “new”!

Maggie, 28y.



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