What is Prometrium


Prometrium. What is the preparation?

Prometrium is the world known preparation, approved by US Food and Drug Administration, which contains one of the main female sex hormone – progesterone.

Progesterone is a female hormone, discharged by the yellow body to prepare the uterus’s mucosa for implantation by the fertilized eggs. Progesterone plays a critical role in the complex of the reproductive functions.



Hot Flashes


Thus, Prometrium:
•    helps to create a positive environment in the woman’s uterus for a fertilized egg and helps implantation;
•    strengthens and supports the secretion of mucous;
•    treats premenstrual syndrome PMS.


Prometrium. The Indications for Administration

The drug is used for the corrective therapy in the case of endogenous progesterone deficiency.



Oral use of Prometrium capsules:
–    infertility due to lack of the ovary’s yellow body,
–    menstrual disorders due to anovulation, ovulation disorders,
–    mastopathy (fibrocystic),
–    premenstrual syndrome,
–    in combination with the estrogen solutions, prescribed as the hormone replacement therapy in the case of menopausal syndrome.


Intravaginal use Prometrium capsules:
–    maintaining the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle in the case of preparations for the subsidiary reproductive technologies (extracorporal fertilization),
–    maintaining the luteal phase in the case of evoke or automatic menstrual cycle,
–    in combination with the estrogen solutions, prescribed as the hormone replacement therapy in the case of menopausal syndrome,
–    hormone replacement therapy in the case of premature menopause,
–    infertility due to lack of the ovary’s yellow body,
–    prevention of endometriosis, uterine fibroids,
–    preventive treatment in the case of pregnancy loss due to lack of progesterone


The Advantages of Prometrium:

Good tolerance
Availability and ease of use
Adequate control over the menstrual cycle
Reversibility (full recovery of fertility in 1-3 months)
Safety for the majority of the somatically healthy women (especially
for the non-smoking women under the age of 35)
Remove the “fear” of unwanted pregnancy
The ability to “delay” bleeding, if there is a need (exams, competitions or recreation). If you want to “delay” periods, omit the planned 7-day interval. Stop taking the drug, when you are “ready” for flow of blood. It is not recommended to resort to the “deferral” more than 3 cycles in a row).


The ability to use the drug as the “emergency” contraception. The benefits of oral contraception include  therapeutic effect, namely:

–    regulation of the menstrual cycle (the medicine treats ovulate pain and the certain symptoms of premenstrual syndrome);
–    prevention of benign and malignant ovarian tumors, endometrial cancer, cystic mastitis, benign tumors of the mammary glands (using this drug for four years or more reduces the risk of these diseases to 50%);
–    prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis;
–    prevention of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, functional ovarian cysts.



Prometrium. The Recommendations for Administration
Oral use of Prometrium capsules.

a) In the case of progesterone lack Prometrium capsules are prescribed per 200-300 mg. The dose should be divided in 2 doses: in the morning and in the evening.
b) In the case of lack of the ovary’s yellow body (menstrual disorders, premenstrual syndrome, stress, fibrocystic breast disease, premenopausal disorders, dysmenorrhea) Prometrium is taken from the 16th to 25th days of the menstrual cycle (for 10-12 days).
c) In the case of hormone replacement therapy Prometrium should be taken at the follwoing dosage: for premenopausal women – 200 mg per day for 10-12 days in the second phase of the cycle, for menopausal women – 100 mg per day continuously.

Prometrium capsules should be taken orally, not chewing. Wash down with water.


Oral use of Prometrium capsules (deep into the vagina)
In the case of the ovary’s lack (or non-functioning ovaries, with the egg cells’ donation) is prescribed in combination with the estrogen solutions per 100 mg per day into the vagina for the night from the 13th to the 14th day of the menstrual cycle.
For the 15-25th days of the menstrual cycle the dose should be increased up to 200 mg per day. Then, from the 26th day of cycle the dose should be increased up to 100 mg per day every 7 days. In the case of pregnancy, the dose may be increased up to 800 mg per day in 3 intravaginal administration. The dose of 800 mg is recommended to take per day for the next 60 days.


29 Comments on "What is Prometrium"

  1. Pamela, 32 y. | Reply

    I am taking Prometrium with the first days of pregnancy. My gynaecologist prescribed me Prometrium, because I had spots. Spotting stopped. I do not notice any side effects. I have

    weeks of pregnancy and everything is fine!

  2. Marta | Reply

    months ago I was extirpated the polyp endometrium…. Before this I had regular periods, but it stopped after surgical intervention. The doctor prescribed me Prometrium. In several weeks of taken the med my periods have renewed.


  3. ruth | Reply

    weeks pregnant and im having a brown discharge for a week, and my doctor told me to use prometrium

    not orally but in the vagina, im using this for

    days and until now i still have brown discharge. what should i do?

    • Arti | Reply

      Dear Ruth, thank you for your letter. We are glad to help you.

      Your brown discharge may speak for the threatened miscarriage. Your doctor prescribed you Prometrium, because this medicine contains progesterone – the main female hormone responsible for a healthy gestation process.

      But if you still have brown discharge, it makes sense to increase the drug’s dosage. However, before increasing the dosage you should see your attending physician!!!

      We wish you to have good health and mood!

  4. Bina | Reply

    I have polycystic ovary and difficulty conceiving as I have irregular periods.my doctor prescribed me oral endogest

    mg from day

    of my periods till

    days. Is this prescription right or I should take it from 16th to

    as mentioned in an above comment.kindly help

    • Arti | Reply

      Thank you for your letter. We are glad to help you.

      As your doctor has recommended you to take the drug Endogest from 10th day of the menstrual cycle to 12th day, you should keep within his recommendations. A body of every woman is inter-individual, so only a gynecologist can prescribe the optimal dosage.

      We wish you to have good health and mood!

      Best Regards

  5. Venisha | Reply

    I have been having my period since April 20th. It was extremely heavy with blood clots until May 12th. Since May 12th, it has been a steady, regular flow, still with blood clots.

    On My 28th, I went to my physician and was prescribed Prometrium (one a day for

    days) to stop my cycle. I took my first pill that day, and the next morning, the bleeding had become extremely heavy again. I wear both tampons and pads, and they are soaked in less than


    It may be important to note that my cycles have always been irregular. Before April 20th, I had not had a period since December. So, when my period lasted longer than a week, I just thought that maybe it was making up for lost time so to speak.

    I guess my question is, Should I be worried that there could be something more serious happening with my body? If so, what?

    • Arti | Reply

      Dear Venisha, thank you that you’ve written about your problems point by point! We are glad to help you.

      One of the side effects of the drug Prometrium for genital system is flow of blood. However, if you now have abnormal bleeding, you should see your physician immediately.
      In order to determine, what changes occur in your body, you should be tested for hormone levels. And on the grounds of the results of these tests to determine whether the drug Prometrium (the main component of which is the hormone progesterone) is good for you or to find the alternative to Prometrium that will help to eliminate cause of abnormal uterine bleeding.

      We wish you to have good health and mood.

      Best regards!

  6. Would my doctor be able to prescribe this for me as a means of birth control and to alleviate PMS?

    • Arti | Reply

      Dear Laura, thank you for your letter. We are glad to help you.

      Prometrium is really powerful and effective birth control preparation that alleviates PMS. So, if your doctor prescribes you this med, it is worth to take it.

      We wish you to have good health and mood!

  7. Brenda | Reply

    As regards me, Prometrium helped me during pregnancy very much. I was taken Prometrium during the mid-pregnancy and I delivered the healthy boy))

  8. Lena | Reply


    Would this be a medication that a woman could take who has been trying to have a baby.

    miscarriages in the past

    years of marriage and have been seen by infertility specialists and seem to find unexplained infertility. I was told a young lady was prescribed this medication and she became pregnant.

    • Arti | Reply

      Dear Lena, thank you for your question. We are glad to help you.

      Prometrium is really powerful medicine that treats infertility, caused by lack of the ovary’s yellow body. It helps to create a positive environment in the woman’s uterus for a fertilized ovum and helps implantation.

      Prometrium works by increasing the progesterone level. Progesterone is the “pregnancy hormone”; it fits lining of the uterus for the fertilized ovum’s fixation and helps child bearing.

      In any case you can try this med! It does your health no harm. We wish you to become a happy mother as soon as possible!

      We wish you to have good health and mood!

  9. Love | Reply

    I started taking prometrium vaginally at

    weeks due to short cervix I am now

    weeks and have read about some horrible side effects that it can have on my growing baby. What side effects do you think it can have ? I heard that it can disrupt the fetus gender making boys more like girls and girls more like boys. Horrible at the same time I want to ween myself off I’m worried about that to please help a new and confused Mom!

    • Arti | Reply

      Thank you for your letter, we are glad to help you!

      You should not worry so much! Of course, Prometrium as any other hormonal preparation has its side effects, but they are not as horrible as you think! It can not disrupt the fetus gender making boys more like girls and girls more like boys!

      25-year study conducted by the Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction showed no increase in birth defects in more than 2,000 pregnancies studied.
      The only note! Women, who have asthma, heart conditions, migraines and epilepsy or kidney problems, should weigh the need for the drug carefully against the risks.

      We wish you to give birth to lusty child!

      Best Regards

  10. OMH | Reply

    I am

    years old, had

    large fibroids and I’ve been Lupron 11.25mg dose for year and three months. The fibroids have shrunk enormously I used to feel them and now I barely feel them anymore even when I lay on my stomach. My husband and I want to have a child(ren). Would this medication help me (1) start my menstrual cycle and (2) help with aid in my ovulation? If so, how do you know what dosage to take?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Arti | Reply

      Dear OMH, thank you for your letter! We are glad to help you.

      The drug Lupron is used to treat fibroids by blocking the function of the ovaries, as well as reducing the hormone estrogen. However, if you are taking the drug for more than a year, and there is no noticeable mends (i.e., fibroids do not disappear) – the drug does not fit you! You should consult your gynecologist and find an alternative.

      Moreover, Lupron arrests the production of the hormone estrogen – one of the “pregnancy hormones”. In other words, the deficit of the hormone estrogen may be a risk of infertility. Thus, the medication Lupron does not stimulate renewal and physiological process of the menstrual cycle and ovulation.

      We wish you to become a happy mother as soon as possible!

  11. Dawn | Reply

    If taking prometrium to help conceive, when in cycle to begin taking?

  12. Sue | Reply

    ER Doc just put me on 100MG of Prometrium. I am

    , have taken un-opposed Estrogen for

    years and have not had period for

    years. Started bleeding again after stopping Estrogen for

    weeks. I want OFF hormones! What will happen if I stop both after


    • Arti | Reply

      Dear Sue, thank you for your question! We are glad o help you.

      Considering that you have been taking Estrogen for

      years, the effects of its stopping may be quite severe. These are hot flashes, osteoporosis and the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, the most dangerous is the possibility of “bad” cells’ development that encourage the development of uterine cancer.

      Moreover, your body took so much to use the artificial hormone estrogen during these years that its abrupt stopping would be a real stress to the body.

      You say that you want a complete sopping of the hormonal drugs. Hormonal therapy can be easily replaced with the natural estrogen that is found in many available foodstuffs.

      These foodstuffs are:

      – Soy,

      – Beans,
      – Soybeans,
      – Green peas,
      – Flax seeds,
      – Oats,
      – Lentils,
      – Millet,
      – Bran,
      – Broccoli and cauliflower,
      – Nuts and sunflower seeds,
      – Farmer cheese,
      – Hard cheeses.

      These foods are rich in phyto-estrogen – the natural estrogen. Thus, if your daily diet consists of these foods, your body “does not notice” that you stop taking hormonal preparations. You should switch off this diet as soon as you stop taking the drug Prometrium!

      We wish you to have good health and mood!

  13. omo | Reply

    i observed spotting monthly while pregnant but i had a history of low progesterone and i discovered i also have intramural fibroid if i use prometrium can it stop the spot i always observe because it is always on monthly basis and very consistent yet pregnant

    • Arti | Reply

      Dear Omo, thank you for your letter! We are glad to help you.

      The spotting onset during pregnancy indicates of such pathology as Premature separation of placenta (expressed as mild or severe form) that, in its turn, leads to miscarriage. One of the causes of this pathology may be the diagnosed intramural fibroid.

      The drug Prometrium contains a significant amount of the hormone progesterone – the hormone, responsible for a healthy pregnancy. The “Aims” of progesterone are stop bleeding, initiation of platelets’ formation and their escaping from the bone marrow. Furthermore, Prometrium strengthens the vessels walls as well as reduces their permeability and brittleness.

      In your case, Prometrium therapy course will help to negate the undesirable spotting as well as to keep and progress a healthy pregnancy.
      We wish you to become a happy mother!

  14. phoenix | Reply


    I am

    years old with polycycstic ovary. My doctor kept me on bigomet SR

    gm thrice daily, B-long F once daily and Endogest 200mg from day 16th to 25th of my cycle. I got my pelvic scan done and it said that my both ovaries are a little bulky. All my hormone and essential tests except that are normal. I weigh

    kg and my height is 5’4. My periods were iiregular until february

    after which I started taking Endogest and now they are regular. I also got all my tests done and they were normal. My HSG report also appeared normal and said that there is free peritoneal spill on both sides.I was hoping to get pregnant until yesterday I went to a IVF specialist and she said that I should get the IVF done as my HSG graph is bit abnormal. Is this possible that HSG report is normal but HSG film shows abnormality? I am not well off to undergo IVF. Please suggest!!


    • Arti | Reply

      Dear Phoenix, thank you for your letter! We are glad to help you.

      If HSG was performed strictly follow instructions and on properly functioning equipment, the abnormalities of HSG report are set out in HSG report.

      If your polycystic ovary disease is at advanced stage, it can cause infertility, because there is no ovulation in a body in a particular phase of the cycle (at the same time the periods may be regular and carry as usual).

      In order not to undergo vitro fertilization, it makes sense to start a comprehensive treatment of your polycystic ovaries. No least because you are taking medication Bigomet SR that is appointed in the case of syndrome Polycystic. Because you are not well off for an expensive vitro fertilization procedure, the modern medicine offers a number of effective ways to remove blocks that prevent the egg to move through the Fallopian tubes to the uterus

      We wish you to become a happy mother as soon as possible.

      • phoenix | Reply

        Thanks Arti!
        Your advice is really helpful!!!! 🙂

  15. Amy | Reply

    Can a woman take the prometrium pills during the first trimester of pregnancy as opposed to the suppositories to help keep progesterone levels in range? I used the suppositories during first

    weeks for my previous

    pregnancies after my first ended in miscarriage as a result of low progesterone. With

    busy children and a full timw job, I am hoping I can use the pill form if I do indeed get pregnant again like we hope


    • Arti | Reply

      Dear Amy, thank you for your letter. We are glad to help you

      The drug Prometrium in tabloid form contains the same hormone progesterone as Prometrium, made as vaginal suppositories. At the same time, regard must be paid to the strength of preparation: how many mgs of progesterone are in

      pill Prometrium. If you used suppositories that contained, for example,

      mg per suppository, and thus, you were prescribed

      suppository per day, than the dosage of Prometrium in tabloid form must be equivalent.

      As can be seen from the above, progesterone in tabloid form is the same effective and safe as progesterone, made as vaginal suppositories.

      We wish you to become a happy mother once more.

  16. monita56 | Reply

    I want to buy prometrium in Puerto Rico. where and how can I get it in Puerto Rico.

    • Arti | Reply

      Dear Monita !
      We provide shipping to Puerto Rico. The cost of delivery is $15 via regular airmail (12-21 days).
      The shipping is up and running. The orders come in time.

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