Why did I buy Insanity by Beachbody?


You don’t have to be Insane to Love Insanity!

I’ve chosen to try my hand at all the big hit home workout regimens like P90X and other popular ones because I’m not the gym-type. After seeing this Shaun T. on television, I can’t recall the day talk show, I knew I had to give it a go.

My own humble abode is perfect for me to do these styles of workouts without worrying what others are thinking. While it costs a small fortune, the results are, in my opinion, worth it. In this review I will give a brief breakdown of what this program is and consists of, and then touch on some pros and cons as I see them.

Like many other people out there, I’m a closet exercise fanatic. I’ve never played sports, but with programs like these on the market for private consumption, who needs a gym, personal trainer, or equipment to look like a full-fledged athlete? All of these programs have upsides and downsides, but Insanity was unlike any other, especially with Shaun T. at the helm. The guy is a maniac, and cut to shreds, but humble.


What do you get with Insanity?

  • 10-workout discs
  • Fitness guide
  • Insanity calendar
  • Elite nutrition plan

How Insanity Gets Results

Provided that you take the meal plan to heart and follow it, meaning don’t skimp on or skip meals, and truly apply yourself and give it your all, the results you seek will come. In fact, scratch that, even if you lived on fast-food and pizza, this “max interval training” bonanza will shed the pounds.

The regimen will have you burning so many calories per week, in a good way, that there was no way you could consume enough calories to keep up. The exercises are typically full-body, high intensity, and metabolically demanding. It’s called Insanity for a reason. But like I said, you don’t have to be insane to love Insanity!

Insanity by Beachbody-AFTER-AND-BEFORE


The Top Three Things about Insanity

You need less equipment with insanity

First and foremost, the demand for accessories is much lighter, which is a plus. Other programs demand dumbbells, stretching bands, chairs, and all kinds of extra things that cost money. For a woman like me Insanity isn’t cheap in and of itself, so I really appreciated this. I learned how to challenge my internal balance and stabilization mechanisms and core in ways I never thought of before. Especially all the different kinds of jumping going from one plane of motion to the other in intervals.

You need less time with Insanity

For some reason, perhaps because of P90X, a fair amount of these types of programs take 90 days, well Insanity packs in just as much content, but in only 60. There is a big different between two and three months, and it made me feel like repeating the system again back to back, where many others didn’t. It goes by in a flash once you get fully into it and accept the fact you will survive. Before you know it the fit test results speak for themselves and the effects on overall health and physique become apparent.


Insanity is less complicated

This is a straight forward concept and it’s delivered in a straight forward way. The meal plan and workout schedule are all laid out in an easy to understand and follow fashion, and the regimen itself after the fit test isn’t hard to adapt to. After I was done I looked into other people’s success stories and there were tons of people in much worse condition than I that got the same fascinating results!


Does the Insanity program have any downsides?

These are pretty minor. Needs More Nutrition. This seems to be rampant, and I have yet myself personally to go through one of these programs that gave sufficient, to my standards, nutrition information. They all basically say the same thing, and all give the same explanations. Because nutrition is 80% of what creates and sustains proper health, it should be delved deeper into.
Needs Double Insanity. If there is one, I’m not aware of it. Why hasn’t Shaun T come out with a follow up system to Insanity? No matter what style we do you will need to shake it up eventually. I’ll probably do Insanity once or twice more. Yes it’s an amazing package and system.

Final Thoughts of Insanity

I give this program two toned down and agile thumbs up because it gets results, gives a new twist to the home workout genre, and Shaun T. is a pro. I don’t regret buying this program, it was money well spent, and while eventually it will gather dust unless I kick it down to someone, the things I’ve learned that add to my workout style will last as long as my body can. I wouldn’t say this is the best suited program for beginners, but more advanced. However, you can always go at your own pace and take breaks when you need them. You don’t have to jump as high or move as fast as Shaun T. He’s been doing this for a while! Furthermore, if you have healthcare, I would suggest getting a check up just to be safe.

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