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Statistics  state of women’s health Everyone should be healthy and women especially. A woman with bad health is a catastrophe for the whole family and, of course, for herself. Only in rare cases, men, children, people around them and even women themselves deliberately do everything to become sick, to lose their health as soon as possible.
Despite the fact that the female body is more resistant than the male one, it has much more physiological load. If this load can have a damaging factor, then the woman’s body is destroyed very quickly. Statistics of various countries shows the sad state of women’s health.

  • Anemia affects 15% of menstruating women and 30% of pregnant women.
  • Only 15% of women have a healthy heart. At the age of 45 to 64 each of nine
    women has a particular cardiovascular disease and after 65 years – every
  • 7 million women are affected by vaginal infections annually.
  • One of the fifth women has varicose veins.
  • Annually a million women suffers from pelvic inflammatory diseases, half of
    them remains infertile.
  • 50% of all women have a fibrocystic breast disease. At one time or another
    they have pains in a chest.
  • Menopause is detrimental to the health of 75% of women.
  • Premenstrual Syndrome in varying degrees occurs to every woman.
  • Thyroid disease affects millions of women.
  • Incontinent women suffer in five times more than men.
  • Osteoporosis occurs in 25 million women.
  • Endometriosis affects up to 2% of women who have not reached menopause.
  • Various benign tumors – fibroid, fibroids are available in 20% of women
    older than 35 years.
  • Cystitis is the second disease after colds. Women suffer from them about 25
    times more often than men!
  • Annually breast cancer affects 175,000 women, 25% of them die.
  • Different forms of chronic fatigue influence on 28% of women.

And many women suffer from various kinds of abuse, from the barbaric methods of protection, from their bad habits and ignorance about health! All these only damage their health, and “destroy” it, leading to apathy, and then they think their lives to be a continuous disappointment.

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