A youth orchestra or what are the woman’s youth hormones?


A youth hormone is, of course, not a medicinal expression. However, it does not mean that the youth hormones are something fictitious. Indeed, there are several special substances, which help us to keep beauty and youth for many years. You can get most of them … by taking a “right” dinner.

The youth hormones are invisible but very powerful beauty’s helpers, which allow a woman to take control of the most precious thing in our lives – time.


             The youth hormones are different from other hormones, which are, as it is known, more than a hundred in our body. The hormones that keep the dew of youth usually are the hormones, which have not indirect but direct impact on a retardation of aging. The main youth hormones are estrogen, growth hormone (STH), testosterone, dehydroandrosterone (DHEA), and melatonin. Let us speak about each of them in detail.

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Estrogen: youth and longevity 

The estrogens are responsible for the skin’s firm and youthfulness, as well as for the sexuality and reproductive function. In addition, the estrogens have a positive effect on the heart muscle, protect the blood vessels, and provide the hard bones. No lack of the estrogens in the woman’s body moves a period of menopause for many years! Moreover, as the numerous scientific researches has suggested: the later menopause comes, the longer a woman keeps youth and activity, and as the result – the longer her life duration is.

The estrogens are produced by our body, but we can help the process. The natural phytoestrogens can be found in beans, lens, pea, soy products, beet, carrot, cucumbers, tomatoes, asparagus, apples, papaya, figs and pomegranates. The phytoestrogens have similar effects to the effect of the woman’s body own estrogens.



A growth hormone (somatotropic hormone STH): growth and beauty 


Today, you can often hear: somatotropic hormone is the hormone of youth, growth and beauty. Although even before the mid of 1990s, nobody has known about the anti-aging properties of the growth hormone. Later the researches have showed that the growth hormone high levels in the body keeps youth of the body’s tissues as well as provides clarity of mind to a great age.

The American physicians found that after six months of the growth hormone’s taking the participants of the research (their age ranged from 53 to 62 years) signalized about a significant improvement of the skin’s appearance, loss of the  fatty tissues and the muscles’ enhancement – the muscles got  a tone, which was usually typical for the muscles of the 45 years old people.

The fat free protein-containing products such as cottage, cheese, cheese, lentils and nonfat fish stimulate the growth hormone’s production.



Testosterone: affection, passion and sexuality



As it turned out the male hormone testosterone is extremely favorable to a woman’s youth and health. Testosterone stimulates metabolism, and in addition has an effect on the emotional background.

Nature has foreseen that the testosterone should provoke aggression (in men), surge of emotion, self-confidence and sexual need. At the same time the testosterone presents itself much more delicately in the woman’s body – it awakens sexuality, increases self-esteem, arouses physical activity, tones soft tissue, strengthens bones and joints and stimulates regeneration of the skin cells.

These are zinc and manganese, which stimulate the production of testosterone in the woman’s body. These are wheat bran, leafy vegetables, spinach, buckwheat, sea fish, pearlbarley and oat porridge oat rich in these substances.



DHEA: youth and shapeliness

The hormone DHEA, and in other words – dehydroepiandrosterone (if you, of course, are able to pronounce it) fulfil an incredibly important and valuable function for every woman – the hormone is responsible for our shapeliness. DHEA is produced by the adrenal glands and is a kind of synthesis of the male and female hormones. It tones the muscle tissue, prevents the fatty cells to cumulate extra pounds, causing fat transportation to the muscle tissue’s mitochondria (where it is burned, turning into energy for the body).

Insufficient quantity of DHA increases the risk of such diseases as cancer, osteoporosis, heart attack and senile dementia. At the same time, no lack of the hormone improves metabolism, strengthens immune system, normalizes sleep and protects the body in stress conditions. At the age of 25-30 years, people have the highest level of DHA, and its production is reduced almost twice by the age of 40 years.

Fortunately, some products can help to supply its defect. These are saltwater fish, avocados, olives and olive oil.


Melatonin: youth at the cellular level


Melatonin is extremely important for the youth of the body. Its first and main function is the compliance with diurnal regimen.

The American scientists conducted the experiment: they put a woman in a closed room, where there were not either sunlight nor time display units. A test person was in this room for a month, and despite the fact that she did not know whether there was day or night – she fell asleep and woke up every day at the same time. It was melatonin, which said the body that it was the evening – the period of rest.   It was melatonin, which raised up towards a new day in the morning. How does the eternal youth come into the picture?

The fact is that all cell renewal processes come in the arms of Morpheus. Not getting enough sleep, we grow old rapidly and prematurely, and if we keep the regime that dictates the melatonin, we keep the cells youth for a long time. In addition, the melatonin has antioxidant characteristics, regulates action of the endocrine system, normalizes blood pressure and regulates the digestion and brain functions.

Similar to DHA hormone, the production of melatonin is fallen after the age of 40 years. However, to supply its defect it is better to use not pharmaceutical drugs, but to change your diet adding such foods as baked potato, flinty wheat dishes, lamb.


The hormonal imbalance often becomes the cause of the disease and premature aging. And vice versa – if the endocrine profile is within the limits of the norms, your body projects health.


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